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  1. Well the event starts two days later, September 6th lol. Employee preview so far is always the Wednesday right before/two days before opening night
  2. I love that, really hope they go back to that and do it in the future then.
  3. I mean since Zombieland is apparently coming it could be seen either way lol. Though yeah even if Zombieland wasn’t coming it would still fit and just definitely be a ghostbusters reference. I was just correcting that i’m pretty sure that’s what’s Ringwraith was referring to. His quote sounds to me like was talking about a hint to the NY scarezone and I don’t see anything else that could be hinting at zombieland.
  4. Could be wrong, but I’m guessing/assuming they’re talking about the guard dropping a Twinkie in the video. Zombie Land is supposed to be NY scarezone which features twinkies.
  5. I’m more excited for this now that I see how they’re describing it. It seems like they’re going for more of a serious scary tone with it which I like. From the speculation I was thinking it would be silly comedy house like the house it was in last year, which I didn’t want/didn’t think it sounded good. But yeah I am all for it now, it looks good actually.
  6. Yes you do get all the normal UOAP discounts in the park.
  7. Idk about the normal ones, but I tried to buy the discounted after 10 pm express passes on Friday night and they told me they were sold out.
  8. According to my UTH tour guide, it’s definitley supposed to be rotten egg smell.
  9. First time it was specifically designed for the event. That house in 25 was last minute changeover from a Scream house when they lost the rights to Scream at last minute so had to quickly change to Purge. And last year was the Purge section of Blumhouse was going to be Ouija until last minute. This is first time the Purge isn’t a last minute switch from something else they had rights issues with
  10. Well I definitely prefer our movie selection for our Blumhouse house over the ones Hollywood is getting. I really liked Happy Death Day and think it’ll make a good fun section of a house. I’m sick of the Purge at the event and find it pretty boring but maybe it’ll be better executed since it sounds like this is the first time the House was designed for it from beginning.
  11. There wasn’t any Trick R Treat March at all last year, I remember being really bummed that there wasn’t a Trick R Treat shirt last year. Hopefully should be one this year with the house at least!
  12. Aielli said on twitter that it’ll be in a soundstage.
  13. My 2 pm tour did AHS, Fallen and Dead Waters. Fallen and Dead Waters were basically free game to take pictures, with like one small exception, there was one (I think just one) room in one of those (I think Dead Waters) were the tour guide said we couldn't take pictures of that room for some reason. AHS was the opposite, weren't allowed to take pictures in almost all of the house, but we could take pictures of the Asylum facade and one room in the Roanoke section. Odd random exceptions to the rule.
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