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  1. evrything looks good.i just dont under stand where the holiday hopuse fits in all this.buit i will be ther next week friday and see what up,and everyone pics look great getting me very very excited.
  2. OH SNAP! i would buy a deck of playing cards.im wondering what kinda drinks they will be selling,and what the house shirt will look like
  3. i thought the same thing at one time but i couldnt figure out what it could be.
  4. anyone remeber the movie casino?remeber what they do to cheaters?when i see just that hand with the cards thats the first thing i think of.
  5. hopfully its all new,considering there's new script writters for bill and ted.
  6. true but i feel that uni/A&D has to much pride in themself's to do thing like that.
  7. bartender??yea that is a little chessy,and yea i could see HOS trying something like that.of course i think HOS is chessy to begain with.
  8. i have noticed the same thing.the HHN site now goes right to universal's site/so some may happenthing may happen here soon so yaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. some of them ideals were really good.i like the one with the jaws ride.
  10. i play in wheel chairs also,im getting good at doing wheelies in them.
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