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  1. It could be Cindy but when he said he craves peoples screams it reminded me of Bloody Mary.
  2. Fear, I compared him to Jonathan Crane(Scarecrow) last night and how they are similar, seeking peoples' fears. I think I heard Bloody Mary in Fear's voice.
  3. I thought the website update was awesome. Got me some information on the houses and scarezones. The website was creepy to lurk during midnight hours....the groaning was weird.
  4. Waiting until midnight is kind of easy, play your videogames.
  5. Don't kill me, but what does A&D mean?
  6. If it's in a cave, I think that monster noise in the background could be some amphibious monster who traveled from the Everglades.
  7. It is indeed awesome. I don't want to wait!
  8. Just checked it out, that was awesome! Makes me want to flicker that flashlight in the background!
  9. I haven't been on Horror Night Nightmares for a while, pretty much lurking every now and then but I'm really having fun with HHN's marketing. I can't go to Halloween Horror Nights since I live in the north but I'm still having fun. Can't wait to see what the big reveal is.
  10. Funny thing is he's taking a break from the WWE now. So maybe...
  11. wants to see the marketing for HHN Orlando 2010. I love their commercials!

  12. Can you help me? My question is above Mae's post.
  13. Anybody know the song during this Terror Tram video? Here's the link and the song starts at 7:42. Thanks in advance!
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