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  1. Hm am I missing something? The only recent thing I see with Chance in it is the commercial
  2. I only saw her from the side/behind but I'm guessing you're right.
  3. This was my first year going to the employee preview so it was neat to see everything before the event officially opens. Wasn’t able to see the opening scareamonies but could definitely hear something and I believe a firework went off, similar to last years. Right at the entrance to the park there were clowns with chainsaws which was cool. They were filming some promo with scareactors from each scarezone I think as I was walking in, right in front of the Universal store. Didn’t get to do M&M because the wait time was already 90 minutes by the time we got in the park. Walked to Freddy vs. Jason since that had been my most anticipated house anyway. There seemed to be a lot more Jasons than Freddys so I’m not sure if that meant he was the winner, think I must have missed something so I can’t wait to see it again on Friday. There was a really cool way to show their fighting that I don’t remember seeing in any house before. My second house was Body Collectors. The snow was cool and the façade was really pretty. The house seemed really familiar obviously, but it was awesome to see my friend’s spine ripped out. Not really sure how I feel about this house though, but I will definitely give it another shot. Wanted to do Run next but the line was 45 minutes so we went to Bill and Ted instead. It’ll be interesting to see what, if anything, will be changed. I thought it was funny but some things seemed a little repetitive and certain similar jokes to last year. Really don’t want to spoil much about this show. The music and dancing was good though. Loved that they had Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers and Orange is the New Black. Psychoscareapy is definitely my favorite zone this year, the scareactors are really funny and interactive. A scareactor that came up to us early in the night was excited about the pants he had found and later on that night he showed us the trophy with a severed head that he had won for his costume (witch hat). There were a ton of scareactors in this zone, more than I remember ever seeing before. They were also all over the place, I even saw some by the Film Vault/Transformers area. This is where you have to walk to get to the queue for Asylum because the alley between Shrek and Monsters Café is completely blocked off for that queue. Only walked through Die In once but seeing Chucky and Tiffany was great, and they scared a huge group of girls as we walked by. Did not know who the bride/girl in a white prom dress with blood on her was though but every other character was recognizable like The Thing. Pretty much everywhere I went there seemed to be a chainsaw horde nearby, they weren’t lying when they said there’d be a lot more scareactors in the streets this year. There were females in orange jumpsuits, male and female clowns, some that looked just like a classic horde male and female as well. Chainsaws don’t really scare me anymore but it was fun to watch them scare others because the whole horde really sneaks up quietly before revving them in a new area. Icons was ok. I’m sad I missed the icon kills though, I hope I’m able to see them when I go again. It was interesting to see which characters they chose to be in the zone, some seemed a little out of place but it was nice to see them again nonetheless. Only saw some of the scareactors from Screampunk, but I really liked the costumes and the set piece. Last house I did was AWIL. I think there must have been a cast change because the first couple rooms at least had been completely empty it was very strange. The wolves are a lot better though, they’re pretty scary. I only went through that house one time in 2013 so I can’t remember it very well but I think it was pretty much the same except that the TARDIS is used in Bill and Ted this year instead. The HHN store was the coolest thing ever. Seeing old props and other memorabilia was awesome. Got a couple shirts, won’t spoil what some of them are because I think they look even better in person. My friend had grabbed the horror alumni shirt for me and I assumed Bloody Mary would be on it, get home and it’s Chucky instead. Not sure why they would choose him out of all characters. Got a Freddy Krueger cup because I love NOES. Evil’s Roots had some cool characters, it was different than Grown Evil but still felt like a sequel somewhat. I loved the fairy’s costumes. Walked by Carnage a couple times but I wanted to watch it from the beginning so we didn’t stay. Crowd flow actually seemed to work we walked right around the barricaded areas without running into any of the audience. The aerial dancers were so cool and you can see their shadows off the curtains from far away. All in all, this year has me very excited and I really look forward to going tomorrow night to do the rest of the houses.
  4. So we do pretty much know everything but I'm not sure if the "Costume Contest" show actually was explained. Does anyone know what that show will be about?
  5. Ok this will sound sort of random. I've only really been paying attention to forums since 2009 so anything beyond that I'm not as familiar with. Someone mentioned a while back that we could see old ideas for houses turned into scarezones this year, does anyone have a sort of list of those old ideas?
  6. So I suppose that could mean a couple things. Odd number of houses has been rumored. Dr Jimmy's odd numbered videos could correspond to Cassilda's clues but I think someone already pointed that out. My sound is currently not working so I have not been able to watch his videos so I could be missing something else. Something way out of left field that probably won't happen is odds = gambling = Lady Luck. Don't know if we will ever see her again. (Don't really post on here much so I could be wrong. Hi guys!) Edit: Also even numbered videos may be scarezones/shows? I don't know, just a thought.
  7. I do know that the janitors wear blood on their shirts, I was thinking more along the lines of the restaurant/shop employees, although it could be costly and time consuming, but I thought it would be a cool idea nonetheless
  8. Not sure if this was mentioned by anyone, but something that was said at the media event (from the interviews Behind the Thrills posted) made me think that perhaps the way that restaurants/shops/bathrooms won't be "safe" is that maybe some employees will also have something like makeup or a mask or something else. Probably unrealistic, but I know that in 2009 Howl o Scream had janitors walk around the park in normal uniform but had trashcans and wheelchairs with fake skeletons that would pop out. I also believe one of them was in a (pig?) mask. It would be pretty cool but again just a thought
  9. i think Designing the Fear got pictures of some of the lamps around the park being blue before the hawthorn cemetery stuff had gone up
  10. visually i think the website is pretty, plus i love the scarezone descriptions, i do hope that they start to add the games and stuff because it seems like everyone is getting very restless, i almost feel bad for being so critical of them hah
  11. seems like the girl is being dared to go down the alley, i think a member said that one of the houses will have that same concept, interesting.
  12. so because the ifrit pointed out mystiquephreeq's post number, couldn't all the numbers be people's posts? idk if it's been mentioned before, but maybe it could really be that simple? although i like how the numbers could also be about the number of pyramid heads/nurses
  13. i'm really excited about the scarezones this year. the war idea reminds me of like a giant london bridge game if that makes sense haha like maybe the audience or even other scareactors get stuck in Between another group? i really can't wait to see what type of interactive activities will be in store for us this year
  14. wow i didn't know people were like this :/ anyway i can see them announcing alice cooper first and waiting a bit for P&T
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