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  1. well played, sir! you're correct! (at least with regards to my show)
  2. Dude where can I but the happy pants shirt?!

  3. "slam" (from hold your color) is at the beginning of menace, "salt in the wounds" (from immersion) is at the beginning of malice.
  4. The Benny Benassi you heard would be one of my favorite mashups we're playing before the shows: And yes, both shows start with some Pendulum in them, (different songs, too!) -Brian
  5. haha-- I didn't know they parked it there... GOTCHA! :-)

  6. I have to thank you for having your guys park the giant 12x12 foot malice poster in the backlot area of disaster tonight. I turned a corner in the dark on my way to my area, only to have a gianormous version of you staring me down. First actual scare I've had so far this year.

  7. not related to HHN except for the fact that I suspect most of you will be as into this as I am... (also, I wouldn't know where else to post this for you) Fan-made intro for AMC's upcoming "Walking Dead" series Looks. amazing. Wish it was the official intro.
  8. Absolutely. The intro videos were collaborations with my buddies over at Film Riot. You can even learn how to do the fire demon effect for yourself right here: we cut down a special version of the "pitch meeting" skit for the intro of menace, but I'll make that available as well.
  9. LOL... totally busted. I'm glad you dug the intro video stuff. My goal was for the "show" to start the moment you walked in the door with the pre-show and intro videos. Don't know if you noticed, but we mix up some of the mash-ups before each of the shows, too (this one's my current favorite: Kanye Mahna.mp3).
  10. Hades: 0 Psychoscarepy: 0 LT: 0 Hallow'd Past: 0 Zombiegeddon:0 The Orfanage: 0 Havoc: 0 Catacombs: 0 B&T: 1 Menace:3 Malice:5 ... *sigh*.
  11. we had some major surprises during both the first menace and malice shows, but the audiences were fantastic. Having an audience there really changes some logistics, but makes for SUCH better energy. It's really awesome to watch the whole team come together... it's like we all develop this ESP for the exact moment for the next sound, music, and light cues, all reacting to the crowd and volunteers.
  12. that's a good question. Make sure to let me know how it looks/feels from your perspective after the shows!
  13. OMG, it's unreal how well the both Menace and Malice fit in this venue. doing the shows at BJ makes me really see all the challenges we had at Animal Actors... BJ theater is more intimate (there's not a bad seat in the house), the sound system is better, the lighting is incredible, and we're able to use the entire stage... very excited.
  14. That's a tough call-- if you had asked me a month ago, I might have suggested Menace since I already know so much of that show plays well to the HHN crowd. But after the last few nights of rehearsals, I'm happy to report that I really like Malice as well. They're very different shows, and without knowing what kind of stuff you're into, I don't know that I could pick a recommendation for you. :-/ Busted. This is why I had to at least respond honestly :-)
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