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  1. Just to update with my role: In-Between Cast B Wing Demon
  2. I like the art style of the shooter this year. It will make a nice addition to the rest of my collection.
  3. Scroll back to an earlier photo and there was less gold covering it. I think it's been added.
  4. Similar to the Universal Palace / Usher relationship...
  5. Haha, yes that was me. I'm glad that you had fun.

  6. Were you working this past Saturday?? If so, it was me that was like "BEN!!" when I literally ran into you at your house.

  7. I was happy to visit. Your house is a lot of fun.

    Which scene are you in?

  8. thanks for visiting the orfanage on your night off :)

  9. your memory is wonderul! and yes, i did. your house was great, aside from the fact that i was partially blind due to the sun... :P thanks for the scare!

  10. It was nice to see you in Hallow'd Past last night. Did you have fun on your night off?

  11. We had a backup spine-girl with Cast A so she didn't come in with the first set. I believe she's permanent now.
  12. You could also make friends with someone who has a car and ride over with them. I am sure many people in your classes will be coming over for the event sometime.
  13. Now that the event has started ... Horror Nights : The Hallow'd Past The Usher Cast A
  14. Yes I'm getting that as well. I'm sure it will be fixed soon.
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