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  1. I guess it doesn't need much more confirmation at this point, but I've found the biggest piece of evidence for This is the End happening yet...
  2. I think a maze of any musician is a bad idea, but I will probably enjoy it anyway. But the idea that we are getting Ozzy over Cabin in the Woods pisses me off.
  3. I really hope it's not the same title, but Murdy did say it on twitter. He said he submitted a new name but it was rejected. Really weird.
  4. IGN says there will be no scenes (or even easter eggs) from the originals in the maze, sorry DTH
  5. Yeah I really want more to be done with Jurassic Park. And the Mummy. It would be fairly easy to add a few more gory props and change the lighting. Maybe even change the voice overs to be something different. Freddy taunting you at the top of the jurassic park hill or in the final room of the mummy would have been awesome for 2009. I'm sure the park sees it as a needless expenditure, but I would love to see it. Also, yeah every year they don't announce everything until way after knotts. It sucks.
  6. I agree, DTH This has been a long time coming, hope murdy pulls out all the stops. I want this to be one of the best mazes at the event.
  7. I wish. I just know Murdy is a fan of the movie so it would be interesting if he chose it over cabin in the woods.
  8. Halloween is my favorite horror franchise, so I would love for it to come back. What do you all think are our chances of getting american werewolf in london?
  9. What would be a suitable replacement for you? For me, I think it's Alien or Hellraiser. But neither of those are happening.
  10. I think we will have 7 mazes this year, what with profits increasing every year. Are we really expecting Universal Monsters Remix and Alice Cooper to return? I hope not. Walking Dead returning is enough.
  11. Coming off my hangover, I can tell you that much to my dismay it's clear that Cabin in the Woods WILL NOT be at Hollywood in any form. Murdy has stated numerous times it will not be there, I did not sense any tricks. Also they would both be announced at the same time. As baffling as this is to me, horror nights is always fun no matter what mazes they have at the event. Or at least that's what my therapist tells me.
  12. I will be hitting the bottle tonight if it's exclusive to orlando, I can tell you that much.
  13. Yeah, their first announcement is at midnight, so 9PM here. Cabin in the Woods is PERFECT for a maze so it better be a joint maze. This is one of the few franchises I wouldn't mind having a maze, scarezone, and terror tram based off of. So many possibilities.
  14. I recently watched Cabin in the Woods for the second time, I can confirm they played truth or dare. That said, will it be a joint announcement or will it only go to Florida?
  15. 1) Buffy and Angel's Hellmouth Haunt 2) Clive Barker's Harvest 3) Crypt Keeper's Film Vault 4) The Asylum 5) Terror Tram: Director's Cut
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