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  1. Honestly, I don't mind zombies. I love zombies, they're an awesome monster. But TWD zombies are so bland it's just not fun or scary. I'd much rather they made a zombie house where they have complete creative freedom to design all sorts of monstrous zombies and zombie personalities, but unfortunately that just doesn't sell like saying "HEY look at all these scenes from TWD we recreated! How cool huh?" with TWD zombies sprinkled in to pretend that the purpose of the house is horror rather than nostalgia.
  2. Just went last night with express pass. It was definitely worth it. I really felt bad for the people waiting in line for over an hour, though later on during the night I noticed the Express lines being longer, so I figure a lot of them got sick of waiting and went to buy express passes too. They should improve their scanners too. I saw them really struggling to get the machine to pick up the bar code at many of the houses, and sometimes just giving up and letting us pass because they couldn't get it to work.
  3. I'm sick to death of TWD. The commercials are so clearly pandering to TWD fans, it doesn't even feel like I'm being hyped for the event, but more like they're saying "Hey look, TWD zombies! We know they're not particularly scary or unique, but they're from TWD! You like TWD right? We've got TWD! Oh and here's a few slides of some other stuff you might know about." How I would kill for a commercial like before HHN 20...
  4. Is it true? Are Scare Zones coming back? Oh how I missed SZs...
  5. So far this is the house I'm most excited about!
  6. So TWD won't be hijacking the event like it did last year? I certainly hope not. TWD zombies are boring, I'm sorry, but they simply are. If they want to make 1 maze to cater to the fanbase, great, awesome, more power to them. But to a non-fan like me, I simply don't get as much enjoyment from it, and so I don't like that one theme intruding into the rest of the event. I'm not very excited for the big TWD house, because it's clearly going to be a main house where they'll focus a lot more resources on, which means less resources focused elsewhere (potentially something that would interest a non-fan like me). I wish they'd keep it to one, decently-sized maze. Don't remove it from the event, but don't drill it into us either.
  7. My wishes? I want to see less TWD. A house is fine, and maybe a scarezone with it too, but overrun the entire park with the same monster? Noo thanks, not again. I'll say it now; TWD zombies are boring. As someone who doesn't watch TWD, I don't feel nostalgia from a certain scene or setting merely because it's recreated from the show. So what I'm left with are extremely generalized zombies that don't show any sense of distinction or "woah" factor. I understand TWD focuses on the characters themselves, so it's okay for the show to have generalized zombies since they mostly serve the advance the story, but the zombies come out lackluster when they become the focus of the event. I want to see more Scarezones. Street Experiences are nice, but what made Scarezones exciting was the fact that the horror was focused on a certain spot. When you walked into Asylum in Wonderland, you felt the lunacy as soon as you stepped in. They can have unique props for that particular spot, giving it a distinguished theme, rather than having a general theme everywhere since the groups of scareactors are constantly moving. That's not to say Street Experiences shouldn't have a role in the event. I just wish they'd have Scarezones to immerse people in those unique outdoor themes and have Street Experiences to fill some of the gaps between Scarezones. Finally, I want an icon! I love icons, you love icons, we all love icons! We like having a face to present the event, a character to remember and make the year truly memorable. 2008 was my first HHN year and having Bloody Mary luring us from within her mirror was chilling! She remains my favorite HHN character.
  8. **Be ready for negativity** For the record, my exposure to The Walking Dead series doesn't go past episode one. With that in mind, I have to say I'm very very disappointed with TWD street experiences. And, really, the concept of street experiences as a whole. I didn't feel like the monsters were everywhere and there was no escape. It wasn't one giant conglomerate of zombies. In fact, I feel safer walking from one house to another with these "street experiences" than I do when I inevitably cross a Scarezone from previous years. Why? Because the atmosphere wasn't as immersive as a scarezone. The zombies were forgettable. None of them really stood out to me or contained that "woah" factor, unlike the evil cowardly lion for example. They were just that, zombies. Perhaps the zombie virus could've mutated them, spawning zombies with horrible yellow pus growing from their eyes, extra limbs, razor fingertips... oh wait, silly me, that's not The Walking Dead, so their creativity is constrained by the general zombie model the show uses. Maybe it's attractive to the TWD fan, but to the HHN fan who doesn't follow the show it's easily forgettable. I feel that's the biggest weakness in the street experience. It targets an audience that already cares about the concept, but it doesn't cater to the audience that cares about the quality of the monster itself rather than where the monster is from. As for Street Experiences vs Scarezones, I'm just gonna say that letting the horror be anywhere dilutes the horror everywhere.
  9. Just watched the official HHN23 commercial posted on facebook, and my response is a resounding "...meh". I'm sorry, but the commercial seems awkward. While it was kind of humorous to find out the monsters are actually running away like victims, it just doesn't leave much suspense regarding the thing that they were running from. As the viewer, I didn't find myself wondering "Wow, what was that thing that made the monsters so afraid??". EDIT: Just realized that this same commercial was used in 2011. I'm confused. Are they really just reusing a commercial instead of creating their own unique to this year's theme? If so, then I'm extremely disappointed.
  10. I imagine we'll be going inside the train, which is something I can't wait to see! Not only could it provide a sense of claustrophobia, the cart can have windows to both our left and right which feels like at either side a scareactor can pop out and reach for you! I'm very excited to see how this house fleshes out.
  11. Finally! Houses I can speculate about without having to watch a film
  12. Though I hadn't seen that picture of La Llorona before, I feel it's a bit lazy of them to settle for one that was already used. Plus the "hint" was pretty obvious. Nevertheless, I'm excited to see her. I'd personally like to see her in the commercial more than TWD zombies.
  13. I always go on september and I always have time to at least get to see 7/8 of the houses plus the bill & ted show all before midnight. If your group doesn't care so much for the show (though it's pretty good and it's nice to have a seat and relax), then you should be able to see all the houses and have time to repeat one, maybe two of your favorites. I've never used the Express Pass, I find it too expensive and not worth it, at least from my experience. I've heard of nights where everything is packed with people, but that's probably on October.
  14. I feel they shouldn't have added the music when the ghost appears in the video, would've made it seem more realistic. Unless they meant to make the ghost play music on purpose, though the music sounded a little too fluent for being a recording. Just a nit-pick.
  15. I am very very disappointed that we'll have only 1 theme for the street experiences. I was hoping that they wouldn't have a street experience-only year and have scarezones back, but even if it was only street experiences I'd be okay if they were good. That's not to say The Walking Dead isn't going to be good, but as someone who doesn't watch the show, it's just not a theme I'm very excited for. I want to see a variety of unique themes, not a variety of scenes within the theme of a show I don't watch. This decision isn't bad enough for me to not attend the event at all this year, but I'm definitely unsatisfied. I trust they'll do their best with The Walking Dead concept to get some good scares on me.
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