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  1. Bring on another 3D house! The In-Between was fantastic. As the location goes, as brash as Chris is I agree with him. Locations don't matter. The Hallow, Dead Exposure, Chucky... and so on were tent houses that rocked. Pun not intended.
  2. Fangora drew up the blue prints for those houses?
  3. Whether it's IP houses, returning houses or original concepts the quality between them is indistinguishable. It's all from the minds of Art & Design.
  4. It's all good if you missed it. We crossed that bridge a few pages back. Everyone yelled at me. I think it's a stupid idea as well. The only way I can see it working is, Penn & Teller presents so-in-so in 3D and they don't appear anywhere in the house. I just can't wait till guests enter the park and look at their maps to see the house line-up and say, "Penn & Teller? What the hell!?"
  5. Is A&D really doing all this house switching at the last minute? With all the sets built, effects... etc Or is it just, "My souces told me....balahablah." Whoa whoa careful there. They don't take kindly to opinions around these parts. I agree with you. But I can see an Alice Cooper house over frickin Penn & Teller.
  6. If these Penn & Teller rumors are indeed true, what a waste of a house. You missed my point entirely dude. From the get go I was talking about taking obscure properties and turning them into houses. For some odd reason Bill and Ted was brought up, which is a show, not a house.
  7. You said it yourself. I'm still waiting on your proof for P&T's involvment. My fault, I forgot Bill & Ted are featured in a haunted house every year. I fully understand how certain properties/ideas can have a horror twist on them but not P&T. If they themselves are going to be involved at all show or house it will be in video form with assistants. The logistics of a haunted house featuring magic and topical humor doesn't make sense to me. Plus can you imagine the reset time on the magic tricks? Are the scare actors going to have to stand there and repeat the same tricks over and over?
  8. I'm assuming A&D will showcase season 1 & 2 just from the clues and photos we have thus far. Does this mean no Michonne? Will this house have at least a few references to the books? Here's to hoping.
  9. You're reaching. Once again. Would Penn & Teller make more sense as a show or a haunted house? Uh oh, you got me there . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnqPjUPLDjY
  10. Ok now, look closely (real close) at the names you presented in your post. Every one of them is involved in horror one way or another. What are Penn & Teller's contributions to the horror genre?
  11. Where's the proof for it? I'm sorry but a person claiming to have ‘sources’ isn’t enough for me. Plus there's a great difference between a P&T show and a house. One making sense and the other the dumbest idea I've heard happening to HHN since the tent over IOA. I know you’re the speculation police but you've been wrong in past years.
  12. I'm excited to see how flawless The Walking Dead zombie make-up will be in person. I hope it's a somewhat lengthy house (for Disaster queue). So is it safe to say this year’s theme will be mostly a post-apocalyptic theme? Maybe the teaser site this year will be a time bomb slowly counting down to opening day (the apocalypse) with each update being clues on how to traverse the wasteland. There is no Penn & Teller house. It was just a lame rumor that is still floating around for some reason.
  13. Do you guys think the Silent Hill announcement video indicates we won’t see Pyramid head until the finale of the house?
  14. I'm stoked to see Silent Hill and The Walking Dead brought to life. I have no doubt the houses will look great, I just hope they don't have staffing problems like some of the houses last year. For Silent Hill I'm assuming we will see a return of the 'vortex tunnel' due to the jumping between worlds/dimensions. Its way past due they retire it but if it works for the story so be it. We got a little taste last year, hopefully we will be seeing more video game themed mazes and zones this year or in the future.
  15. "The power of Horror Nights compels you!"

  16. Really? I know I saw different paths and even ventured down one. Maybe it was for wheelchairs. Why is it unlikely? I could see 4 sound stage houses.
  17. It is interesting. But could you imagine the traffic trying to get in and out of there? Remember the Skoolhouse from 08? Yes. Especially with the possibility of losing a house this year. There was kinda-sort-of one in 06, Run: Hostile Territory. Also Where Evil Hides from 05 and S.S. Frightanic from HHN 8. Edit: Actually I don't think Where Evil Hides was duel run. Just a mirrored house. I'm sure I missed a few as well.
  18. I doubt it. Unless the scare zone is going to be a pinball based zone with the scareactors playing the flippers and guests as the balls. Haunt season is officially here! Or wait, has it already started? I don't know but I thought I would be cheesed about losing a house but if the set design is as stellar as last year I'm not complaining.
  19. The set for the sound stage Mayan house is going to be recycled from Nickelodeon's Legends of the Hidden Temple. I'm sure they'll find someone else or use another method. Plus the websites the last few years were a little lame.
  20. I went through Winter's Night 6 times. The scares were always distant and easy to see. Plus all of the actors lacked the energy other houses had. It was just "Boo! Oh shit you saw me. I'll come back in a few." Everyone I attended the event with and other friends I've talked to also said it was on the bottom of their list for 2011. The lack of traffic on non-peak nights should have produced amplified scares. I was really surprised when I came to this poll and saw it at #2.
  21. Goes to show people really don't care about the overall scare factor of a house. Just that it looks cool.
  22. Rumors are floating around at Behind the Thrills. http://behindthethri...rror-nights-22/ It all sounds interesting and exciting, minus the one section of the event for kids and the other for adults.
  23. Top 10 Favorite Houses 1. Castle Vampyr 2. Screamhouse 3. PsychoScareapy: Maximum Madness 4. Scary Tales III: Once Upon a Nightmare 5. PsychoScareapy 6. All Nite Die-In 7. Frankenstein: Creation of the Damned 8. Interstellar Terror 9. The Hallow 10. Catacombs: Black Death Rising 5 Worst 1. People Under the Stairs: Under Construction 2. Jungle of Doom 3. Cold Blind Terror 4. The Skool 5. The Orfanage: Ashes to Ashes
  24. Evilution from 2002. The Jurassic Park house. I've heard people trash it but I thought it was classic.
  25. That's consistency? Hmmm.
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