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  1. Totally excited about this house!!!!
  2. To me, they don't. I feel that it give you a greater respect for the houses. Also, you know what to look out for so you won't miss some of the cool effects! The houses look totally different under show lighting than they do in the tours.
  3. SUPER excited for this house!!! Looks like it will be an awesome house!!!
  4. Thanks! I think I'll go with gym clothes then... And compression shorts for underwear lol thanks again guys!
  5. No sure what thread to ask this in, so I guess I'll ask it here. lol What do we wear to rehearsal? I know black shoes, but do we wear all black as well or does it matter? (I'm thinking light gym clothes, but I'm not sure) Thanks so much for all your help! I greatly appreciate all of the support from the veteran Scareactors to us newbies! Lol
  6. Sounds like a plan! This is my first year so I am learning the ropes lol
  7. Just curious, I was cast and already know my role name (I knew the night I auditioned), how do you know streets are being cast first this year? Oh and I never thanked everyone on here for all the audition help! Totally helped me calm down haha
  8. Agreed, I turned my resume and headshot in... I think it makes you stand out and look professional, at least for first timers like myself.
  9. Just left the auditions! I got cast! super pumped to be a Scareactor this year! An yes they did ask about shaving our heads.
  10. I have a question for previous scareactors. I know Universal wants actors to work the full event, and if you request too much time off at auditions it will hurt your chances of getting casted. I was wondering how much time is asking for too much? Is asking for 2 or 3 days off the season too much?
  11. im not sure if this has been talked about but does anyone know what time the cast changes are? or do they differ night to night?
  12. Does anyone know if they are pulsing (allowing groups to go in rather than one continuous line) in the houses this year?
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