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  1. I really hope you have a great time this year. I ran into you in line for a house a couple years ago and you gave me a wonderful little figurine. Yeah that really blew my mind. I mean bayou is coming back for its like 6th year now and we aren't getting demented dimensions back, which was the one house I really really enjoyed last year. Undead arena I have no problems leaving though. That house was laughably bad.
  2. Um we are getting four original houses and only two of the scarezones are based off IPs. I would say you might be blowing it a little out of proportion there.
  3. Yeah they have used something kind of like this a couple times I believe. I think they used it in a house last year, but I can't remember what house it was exactly because I also remember after the first couple weeks it was deflated and it was just like walking down a hallway.
  4. This is probably a stupid question, but for the passholder nghts do our guests have to be annual passholders too?
  5. I finally decided to go for FFP w/Express this year! After the long wait times last year, I wanted to be able to do all the houses every night I go and also be able to have time to just sit around and take in the event and spend more times wandering around the scare zones. I chose Will Call for my pick up option. Can I go there any time and pick them up or does it have to be the night of the event? I have always ust printed them at home before so I never had to do this.
  6. 1. Freddy vs. Jason - I love Freddy and Jason. I loved both of their last houses. I can't wait to see them together! 2. Blizzard - Two of my favorite originals together. Sounds amazing. 3. Anniversary house - Can't wait to see what is in store for us with this. 4. insidious - I like the movies and I always thought this would make an awesome house. 5. Alice - I seem to be the odd one out, but I always like 3D houses! 6. Run - Never got to experience the original run house so I guess the hype just isn't really there for me. 7. The Purge - Still a little annoyed this isn't going to be scream, but I think it will be fine. 8. AWIL - I like the first house a lot, but it wasn't my favorite house that year and I feel like I'm just not ready for it again yet. 9. TWD - I actually really enjoyed the house last year and if they keep it up I'm sure this will be okay, but zombies are getting old for me. Even if this was just a generic zombie house I think it would be in the same spot. This list was really hard for me to make because I am really excited about everything this year. Just because I put things at the bottom doesn't mean I am not excited to go through the houses. I always leave HHN having had so much fun and I know this year won't be any different. This is honestly the most exciting house line up for me in a while.
  7. I guess I am too. I really am a big fan of scream. I always really like the tongue in cheek, not super serious feel to it all and I was really excited to see the house. That being said I am sure the Purge will be fine for a house and I'm sure it will be fun. The only reason we knew scream got canned is that we knew that it was supposed to happen. The general public never even knew it was going to be a house and I think it will be fun to walk through and see what it could have been as the scream house. I think it will be fun to see a scene and be like "oh I see where that was going originally."
  8. The holding Area in New York is basically the street between the entrance to transformers and the mummy. Right by the entrance to Finnegans.
  9. As much as love scream, I think I would be okay with this. I always love the "dilapidated old house" houses. I just find them creepier than any other houses. That is why I loved Dead End so much and was even quite fond of the Legendary Truth house. The only Scream House I experienced was Scream House Resurrection in 2006 and I enjoyed it quite a bit. It would be cool to see it and the Caretaker again. As far as the smoking situation goes, I am a smoker, I smoke in the areas Universal has designated for me to smoke in. I do this not only out of respect for the rules Universal has put in place, but also for the courtesy of others who do not want to be subjected to my smoke. Even as a smoker I don't like smoke going in my face and I even find the huge clouds of vapor from e cigs annoying in the lines for houses. Just keep it all in the smoking areas. That is what they are there for.
  10. I kind of felt the same way about AvP. My first time through the house was pretty awesome, but each time I went through after that I liked it less and less. The house to me felt more like an Alien house featuring Predator rather than Alien VERSUS Predator and I think that is really what did it for me. I feel like if they can really pull off the versus part of this house and make it really feel like you are in the middle of a battle between the two, it will be awesome.
  11. That is a fair point. I honestly did not even look at it that way and really appreciate you helping me see it from a different perspective. I like Jack and don't mind him coming back in the slightest and it isn't fair for me to assume or expect everyone feels the same way I do.
  12. Except the part where Jack hasn't been a huge part of the event for the past three years while Walking dead has been the center of attention, to the point where all our scarezones were replaced with walking dead one year, for the last three years. Plus with how popular the event has gotten over the past few years there is probably a large chunk of people who have never experienced an event with jack and I personally think it is a good move, especially with how popular he has been in the past. I have gotten a couple of my friends to become HHN regulars over the past couple years and they are stoked to see jack because they have never seen him before, but even people whose first year was last year groan at the thought of walking dead returning once again.
  13. Does anybody know if they are opening up the last 2 nights for FFP?
  14. This house was on freakin point tonight! I loved the house when I went through it last Saturday, but tonight was even better. I love this house.
  15. Got around to finally getting in this house tonight. While I thought a lot of the house felt, honestly, a little boring, I think it had some great scenes and I got two of the best scares I have ever gotten at HHN in this house tonight. The added length didn't do too much for me because it felt like a lot of the house was just going through looking at zombies in different environments. I have also not seen the show so I guess I have no real frame of reference for any of these environments. Even with it's fault I still think it is beter than the last two TWD houses.
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