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  1. please keep this thread related to construction discussion. several posts were removed for being off topic. Thanks
  2. Next time u want a poll I can go in and add it to the original thread/post. Send me a PM next time and I'll make it happen
  3. If I can get my hands on each location's Set-time (not sign in time) i can see what I can do as far as something that your asking for.
  4. HorrorNightNightmares is giving you all an opportunity for your art work to be featured in our new iOS App! Details are as follows. Make sure it is HHN themed. We are going to have a special Fan-made section for users to use your work as wallpapers on there iphone or iPad. 320x480 for iphone 1024x1024 for ipad. Post your pictures in this thread and I will make sure they get into the App. Make sure you have one for both iPad and iPhone
  5. Here are the rest of your pics Jeramy lol
  6. The Quick service in front of Disaster where u create your own burger. Also in front of the big Fireball hope that helps
  7. Ahh ok that makes more sense as to what your saying, I agree with that
  8. Can you clarify for those who dont know what your talking about
  9. Yes it has been by Jeremy. If you use the search feature im sure you can find it as i forget where it is.
  10. So the "The Thing" is confirmed, great, now can we please move on to other speculation? All discussion related to "The Thing" Facebook posting by universal will be removed. Also Speculation thread is not for your opinion of the event itself in such a matter that steers away from what was previously being discussed. You are more then welcome to create your own thread about the event in the General HHN Discussion. Sorry but with the event drawing near, we need to be a bit more firm when it comes to keeping threads like this organized.
  11. As JWFearman stated on the previous page. Please, this is the website update thread and should be used to discuss updates that happen. Please refrain from posting past update days or when you think they will happen cause all it does is clog the thread. Thanks
  12. Several Posts were removed. Please keep in mind this thread is for construction updates not Wishful thinking or Speculation. Please keep this thread more towards Actual Construction Discussion Thanks
  13. This is a known issue, no need to discuss it further, please keep all further discussion to updates on website. Thanks
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