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  1. Some more recent work with more projects coming down the line.
  2. Lets see your creations! Anyone else here work for a major haunt or even might have a spectacular home haunt. Here I'm sharing progress on some tombs I am building for a friend that has an over the top yard display in Ohio. A little of my background is I've worked for a local haunt in my town since the year 2000 and still going. Started as a volunteer and well over time have had the privilege of meeting and learning many tricks and techniques to building some very cool stuff. I do my own little home haunt display that has really become a major hobby in my free time. Feel free to give me a follow. https://www.facebook.com/TheCemeteryHomeHaunt/ Below here are some photos of other things I've built.
  3. Will we see a Construction post pop up soon with the emergence of the streets starting to form?
  4. Could I throw in a request. For a mobile wallpaper but with the VHS tapes similar to last years?
  5. That's the rumor so far. I haven't actually seen the movie but selfishly it irks me that an original got dumped for what seems like is a very underwhelming IP. Did the movie have that much popularity and hype when it was out?. For anyone that has seen it, is it worth the rent.
  6. If they built a drop tower and had it rigged to go up and drop onto a bunch of crammed zombies and then having water spray out would be both awesome and hilarious! I would also expect some sort of crazy twinkie deserts available for purchase, Much like the focus on the waffles last year with ST.
  7. Is there still truth out there that after a particular time in the evening if express passes are still available they offer them for half price?.
  8. So what's the absolute best recommend time to reserve a spot to be able to stay for the stay and scream. Is there a holding area within the restaurant? Or after the meal are you able to leave and head to one of the holding areas without being escorted back to the front gate?. How exactly does that work. We're going to have a frequent fear pass for our days visiting and would love to experience this dinning option. Any clarification?
  9. Last year in the Universal park app I swear they had wait times for the houses in the app. I'm about to re-download it to check for myself. Can anyone else confirm?.
  10. Never knew they did a social media meetup?. My girlfriend and I are flying down thursday morning and only going to HHN that night then flying home Friday afternoon. We both don't have the extended free time this year to spend more days. Is this something they've done in the past? I signed up got nothing to lose other than not trying. How are they promoting it like only via following their blog? Because I think mad amounts of people would jump all over the opportunity.
  11. What might some of your opinions be on this idea. This year my girlfriend and I are only flying down for for night to experience the event usually in years past we'd come down for multiple night visits. So I was thinking what if we're able to hang out near beyond the archway and find a spot to wait against like behind the ticket booths well before they roll out the metal detectors. Like by 430ish. My hope was that we can be as close to one of the turnstiles as can be to take advantage of every minute from the time the gates open. Has anyone tried this before?
  12. Made out like a bandit with some nifty gifts. The best was a homemade jack & chance card by my girlfriend it was so well done!
  13. The preshow for Carnage returns also had: In this moment - Blood Stone temple pilots - dead and bloated
  14. Man I really regret not trying to shazam one of the park wide songs the other nightI couldn't even begin to describe what it was. It had no lyrics it dosen't seem t be posted here just yet.
  15. Hey everyone, affer visiting horror nights for the past three nights I became very found of the parks chocie of music that's been choosen to play through out the front gates and park itself. Perhaps this thread could be anythinf HHN 25 music related.I know it's early but does anyone know off hand or are farmilar with some of the songs are what they are? I was really digging tue set list choosen pre carnage returns show. However those are much easier to identify artist wise. I dont know about the rest of you but after every yearI love compiling all music tjat i can to reminse about past years events.
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