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  1. Interesting topic here. Terror tram: I feel that that portion of the event was pretty cheesy for the most part of 2010. Almost kinda like things were rushed together at a moments notice. With a whole year ahead before the next year im sure Universal can put together a better scheme then what they had for 2010. Actors: Seems like there weren't as many as the past years. Both mazes and scare zones. For being a multi billion dollar company holding this event every year I think universal can fork out a little bit more money to hire more people to be characters. Mazes: Que wait times drastically need too be fixed some how or if not, add 1 more maze or as i keep pushing for if more days and start the event at 6pm - 2am like florida has. That way there's no pissed off guest thats gotta be turned away due too tickets being sold out by noon on some days. Park Atmosphere: The scare zone atmosphere and scenic were pretty well decorated in the upper lot. but the park kinda lacks the spirit of Halloween during the day at least i think so. Like some of you mentioned before have pumpkins setup around the park, or universals classic horror characters roam the park during the day. Overall in my opinion - lessen the Que wait lines, ( i mean some people travel far and wide just too attend this event every year and for the money they fork out too see the attractions etc people start getting irritated having too wait 2 hrs just too walk through something that takes less then 9 min to go through anybody would get frustrated.) As mentioned above also is too add more actors in both the streets and mazes. And be more festive with the decorations for the upper lot and lower lot.
  2. lets just say 1 has a mini spot already in the House of horrors and the other is known by a unlucky day that comes around every so often.
  3. just got back from the auditions. and all the tips i can say is be prepared for a return of a famous horror icon. and a woods monster. and supposedly there no where safe this year. meaning characters will be every where in areas where you wouldn't be at.
  4. i was at the park today as well ya the lower lot beginning does seem like the saw front like last year. personally i hope it's not another saw maze. i give credit were credit is due. but from what i heard it wasn't that big on scares. and whatever is gonna be in the wild west area is all curtained off so no one can see whats going on in there. other then that nothing else i seen or heard is going on in the park.
  5. go to google. type in halloween horror nights, then click news. 3 lines down will be the info.
  6. a 2010 scare zone based in the new york streets will be Klownz.
  7. i have no clue in the world who that is. This is the first forum based on HHN I ever joined. Plus I have other things to do in my life other then be on here, twitter, youtube, running around on different websites and forums criticizing people and what they say 24/7. And I have a full time job and a family too support. So no I'm not a little kid that complains to there mom and dad and wants to goes to universal everyday or every other day just to see whats gonna happen. So please back off with the criticism. I don't know you and you don't know me. Everybody in the world has a right to say to what he or she wants. Its called human rights. And instead of starting nonsense on here with me. go to the auditions in 2 weeks and see for yourself. Go find something else to do in life instead of starting nonsense with me.
  8. well everyone gets a fair chance yes. but every year is different. and don't get your hopes all up since you work there and do good in the audition. if this is gonna be your first year. keep in mind depending on the turn out for "open call" people. if you do well in the auditions consider yourself a number. and as i mentioned before. If they want you they call you back.
  9. I have a gut feeling after viewing tweets. that there's gonna be returning mazes. Idk one of them obsessed with murdy kids asked him are people gonna know the characters for this year. Ya not that much of a hint or a clue. but something tells me that there gonna do something like Orlando is. outa of 4 yrs of different characters there gonna bring back the popular ones all into 1 event.
  10. well everything is based off on what the person wants too do. I mean if you think $11/hr and taking a 50/50 chance if your gonna get picked or not for your first year means something to you then great. But keep in mind if your a first time hire you gota join the AGVA union and have 2 options when you go to the audition. 1. is to pay $700 straight up to the union 2. have them deduct 10-15% of your paycheck that your earning by working the event to cover it. all in all its kinda a big ordeal for the first time hires to get picked. just because you show up and attend the audition and do well. don't get your hopes up of working the event. Because you and 200+ people are also being judged as well. And as i said before only the ones that universal wants will get the call back saying then can work the event. its not as easy as murdy or anyone else makes it sounds. im just doing all the new guys or people thinking of trying to join the event this year a favor by letting him or her know what its really like. im not trying to start nothing with anyone or anything. im just being honest.
  11. thats usually the first area that gets stuff done to it. since there isn't much stuff to put up and guard rails too set up.
  12. a lot of people are rehires meaning already worked there for the past several years and belong to the actors union. Meaning if you worked there over the years you can pretty much get first dibs on what you wanna do. of course there gonna say all shapes and sizes are needed duh. there not gonna put Just tall lanky people only. if they just said that they can have a lawsuit slapped on them for discrimination. And they don't wanna risk that. The "open call" people have a shot yes. But everything is usually based on the roll of a character. hence the Michael myers between 5'10" and 6ft something. Yes there are usually back ups in case the main person doesn't show up or can't make it or etc. its pretty complex. universal is picky who they hire for the main characters. yes for the custom creations for the scare zones are usually a broader range of people. there isn't no BS about it. Sorry for those who don't believe. and costumes are usually certain sizes and the park doesn't wanna waste time custom tailoring things to fit people. Loomis was played by an older gentleman that looked liked the character and sounded like him. your not gunna put someone like trevler as loomis. but every year the auditions change.
  13. yep thats how universal is when they come to picking people to play parts for HHN. thats why everyone you see thats an actor is tall and skinny, and some are short even in the house of horrors. but the reason why is they think taller people have a more intimidation appearance then other types. but a place that doesn't seem to worry about that is knotts berry farm. they at least give everyone a chance. I know a few people that worked there in the past and got spots every year. where universal gave them the cold shoulder. and about the snarling noise is one of the many easiest things to do to startle people. some people use there own vocals where others have a voice changer that can make it sound more distinct then anything. you can usually order one on-line or go to a Halloween store and check for one.
  14. well don't expect murdy too ever think out side the box with using custom creations like Orlando does. I had many discussions with him about why not try using different creations for mazes instead of movie based mazes. He just puts it very vaguely by saying it's "Hollywood" this is movie town, and how everything is aimed at the crowds of 18-30 and for modern day horror movies. yes he's all for classic based horror movies but he keeps implying that the mass majority of people want modern day characters. But it would come as a huge shocker to me if this year there he made a custom maze.
  15. Another thing universal might wanna keep things hush hush this year. Is due to a lot of underage kids from youtube and twitter kept sneaking into places where they shouldn't be going. And causing conflict with the park officials. hell if i was murdy i would get tired of people asking me the same thing everyday, every other hour, when they think murdy will give them specifically answers to everything before everyone else. i know there young and anxious for the event but geez give it a rest for a few days and be patient. yes patience is a virtue with anything.
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