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    Eating, drinking, and general merriment. :) And of course, HHN.

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Hm, about me...


I love HHN and would drag my best friend along for years. lol Now I have a HHN buddy (and sometimes we get a group together) that loves the event as much as I do! :zombie_attack:


I love tv shows & movies (recs welcomed). My favorite old school horror movie is Psycho. Of the newer ones, I really liked Cabin in the Woods. I'm mostly into psychological thrillers and horror/comedy, but I'm up for almost anything that's not too gory.


I love traveling. :alien:


I don't care for disrespectful people. Even if you disagree with someone, there is always a tactful way to say it.


I liked HHN best when it was at IOA and hope they do it again (the Jurassic Park island has some creepy ass areas). Also, I'm hoping that one year I'll actually be able to attend HOS.


Hm... that's all for now. Anything else you want to know? Just ask! :timewarp:

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