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  1. So for houses: 1. Graveyard Games: I think this house could be absolutely beautiful. Ghost houses are typically very good and use great effects for scares. 2. Yeti: This will probably be the scariest house of the year. Hoping for lots of big, intense scares and hopefully snow. 3. Us: I really enjoyed the movie and I think it can shine. Depending on how they go about the plots and select their sets and moments it could be one of the top houses. 4. Ghostbusters: I think the love and attention will be put into this house that it needs. While not an ideal horror property, there are so many iconic scenes that I'm excited to see how they recreate. 5. Nightingales: One of the reasons why HHN 21 is my favorite year. This is a property weve been begging to come back. Here to more blood and guts. I am a bit skeptical about the location however. I was hoping for the ancient Roman architecture to be highlighted and the scale may not be illustrated well in a tent. 6: Stranger Things: So far, season 3 is my favorite, season 2 is my least favorite. However there are great scenes in both that the house can utilize. Let's home for the majority of the house being season 2 and just a tease of 3. That way 3 can get it's own house next year. 7. Universal Monsters: I've never been disappointed by the usage of the monsters and expect a great house again this year. 8. House of 1000 Corpses: I'm curious about the utilization of the space since there are three really distinct areas in the film that may not transition well in the tent. I'm looking forward to lots of fun interaction in this house. 9. Killer Klownz: this one will be fun. I think there may be an issue with scares and the size of the costumes but I'm sure the actors will make each walk through enjoyable. 10: Depths of Fear: this will either be the worst house of the year or completely blow my mind. I'm curious of how they will keep the illusion of being underwater and hope the costuming doesnt come across as cheesy. Scarezones 1. Zombieland- I think this will be up fun zone. Very excited to see real life Tallahassees and hope the zombies are as intense as they are in the movies. 2. Vanity Ball: this should be really fun with the makeup effect. I'm really excited about the little stages set up and see what they do with these. 3. Zombie Vikings: this is the zone where the actors need to go all out. The narrow space of central park is a bit concerning. 4. Hillbilly Deluxe: I'm a big fan of rob zombies music and movies, however I think this will be more of a selfie zone and not a lot of scaring 5. Anarchade: mostly because i dont really know what to expect. The props look really cool and hope the utilize the machine screens
  2. Great write up! Your descriptions would make for a very good house for a property that may not be the scariest or most well received by horror fans. Keep up the great work
  3. The house back in 23 was kind of a bummer for me. If they were able to focus on the first 3 or just the latest release it would be solid I think. I read somewhere that Silent Hill was being considered as a scarezone, dont remember where or the credibility of the source. I think it would super cool if they did it in central park with all the fog and lights. Forever hoping for Until Dawn, though it'll never happen but one can dream
  4. The wolfman came out in 1941 if I remember correctly. You think they would be choosing from the year '41?
  5. Are we referring to Freaks that came out in the 30's?
  6. What I was thinking was either Havoc or Nightengales. Both are killing machines in which all they know is war and conflict. They may not know of better circumstances.
  7. There was no energy in that Purge section. I wanted to like it, especially since I'm one of the few who enjoyed the 2015 Purge house. It probably didnt help that I didnt see The First Purge when it was in theatres.
  8. They could do it like the die in scarezone in 2015. One run of classic characters and another with modern characters Definitely not my favorite. It's more of a romantic comedy than a horror movie in my eyes. The section of the house was fine for what the movie brought to the table. I think a whole house based on it would feel dragged out.
  9. I think The Strangers should get their own house at this point. If you combine both movies into one house it would definitely have enough content to fill an entire house. The one or two rooms in Silver Screams wasn't enough for me
  10. If I remember correctly frightanic was a dual run house. Would we be getting something similar?
  11. I'm very much looking forward to watching this. If it is somehow brought over, either as blark Mirror or a more original idea it would be a fun buy up house. I do think if universal were to invest in something like this concept, the general public wouldn't by in, compared to a traditional gun maze.
  12. Good catch on NoES, that didnt even cross my mind. Its been forever since I've seen any of those movies. I believe 31 takes place in '76 so that could be a possibility too.
  13. Anyone see hhn Hollywoods tweet? "Here’s a couple of things I Googled today while researching/writing maze #1 for HHN 2019 at USH. 1) 1970’s carpet and wallpaper designs. 2). The music of Al Bowlly. Hmmm...what could it mean?" My first guess was the Shinkng.but in the comments he confirmed they wont be redoing that just yet. Obviously this would need to be a shared property for both coasts
  14. I think Hive 2 is more likely. Especially with the trailer we saw last year. I think that property has more of workable story line than Scarecrow.
  15. As long as we don't get the cheap black wall scares like Hollywood I'm happy
  16. 25 can still be used even if they didnt go to 2 parks. 21's queue, when used, is typically before minions. Keep all other queues the same as hhn28. The only issue would be having 3 houses exit at the Fallon bathrooms. You would probably have to choose between either having SS 19 or 21 though
  17. I'm really looking forward to Escape Room coming out next year. Gives off a very heavy Saw V vibe which I like. If we get Escape Room that could leave us with other IP options like Zombieland (How cool would it be to see a Bill Murray zombie in a house?!?!?) Or I Know What You Did Last Summer. The latter I'm not sure how well it could translate into full haunted house, but Universal has surprised me before. All these titles are released by Columbia, a company without a huge horror background. Typically from what weve seen, when HHN goes outside Universal for IP content there is a contract involved where if we want one IP we have to take on another. We saw it last year with MGM with Poltergeist and Childs Play. And in 2009 with Lionsgate: Saw, My Bloody Valentine. I'm still 50/50 about La Llorna and direction they are going to take in regards to the story. The only problem with La Llorona is that it is being distributed by Warner Bros and they're doing their own thing with Horror Made Here.
  18. Top 5 original Forsaken (2011) Dracula: Legacy in Blood (2009) Winters Night (2011) Leave it to Cleaver (2009) Dead Waters (2017) Top 5 IP Poltergeist (2018) Halloween (2014) American Werewolf in London (2013) Cabin in the Woods (2013) Chucky: Friends til the end (2009) Bottom 5 Original Spawning (2009) Havoc: Derailed (2013) Afterlife: Deaths vengeance (2013) Zombiegeddon (2010) Saw n Steam: into the machine (2011) Bottom 5 Ip Walking Dead (2015) Resident evil (2013) AvP (2014) Blumhouse of Horrors (2017) Walking dead (2013) Top 3 Scarezones 1. 7 (2011) 2. War of the Living Dead (2009) 3. Psychoscarepy: Unleased (2015) Bottom 3 Scarezones: Altars of Horror (2017) Face off (2014) Nightmaze (2011) Walking dead from 2013 doesnt count. As it wasn't labeled as a scarezone.
  19. Dont forget the toon lagoon theater if they were to expand the event past JP
  20. Carnage warehouse 2 houses in Jurrasic park. The facility that housed Fear Factor in 12 might be gone due to Kong. Popeyes? I assume these would be used if it went to 2 parks I know that's what were used when they did it back in islands. I'd be shocked if 25 wasn't used. You can get there through Suess if I remember correctly. Save queue space at studios for a ss21 house. Houses removed should be new and old parade buildings and shrek if constructions and refurb goes as planned.
  21. Speculation: Stranger Things Season 2: I would be shocked if it wasn't done next year. Hoping that if we get mega maze, that this is it. Have the first 1/3 best of season one and the back 2/3 season 2. Season 2 has much less to work off than season one in my opinion. I'm excited to see how they would do the levitation scene. Happy Death Day 2U: Don't want it, but we're bound to get it. A popular series, getting an undeserved sequel. Will be a cheap house to make that can go in any location. Killer Klownz or Chucky: One or the other, maybe both. Extremely popular zones from the past year going on the theme of using scarezones has houses. The 2009 Chucky house is one of my favorites of all time and would love another adaptation. Killer Klownz would be good and fairly inexpensive. Costumes are already made, another house that can go anywhere. Other Blumhouse properties: Sinister deserves its own house, one of the very few modern horror films and even fewer Blumhouse films that are actually scary. The one room and hallway in Blumhouse 1 was a joke. Truth or Dare and Unfriended weren't terrible options for Hollywood just poorly executed. I wouldn't be upset if we saw one or both, but wouldn't be able to carry a full house individually. Ideal Blumhouse of Horrors lineup would be Hush/Belko Experiment/ Get Out. I'm not counting on Halloween 40 being at the event next year. Living preview for 5 Nights at Freddys may be in the cards for us as well Classic: I do expect something classic next year. Either classic monsters or another title labeled as classic. Possibly Alien since its turning 40. Other Universal Properties: Really hoping for the Strangers over anything. Another property deserving a full house that hasn't gotten it yet. Sequels: Leave it to Cleaver and Silver Screams turn 10 next year, two fan favorites. I would also love a sequel to Interstellar Terror. AHS: Not next year. Maybe 30? Slaughter Sinema: I'm thinking we'll see a full on house based on a title used from last year. Amazon Cannibals, Swamp Yeti, and Sorority Sacrifice seem like the most doable. Fractured Tales: These have been crowd pleasers: Beauty and the Beast or Tarzan/George of the Jungle would be excellent. Wishlist: Hostel: Easily the best torture porn movie. Would be easier to execute than Saw and more scary. Hollywood got it, why can't we? House of Wax: Kind of campy but also could be made pretty scary. One of the first horror movies I saw. Something M. Night Shyamalan: Preferably The Village. April Fools Day: Cult Classic, has some really cool scenes that I'd like to see done. Jeepers Creepers: This would be so much fun. Just don't include the third one. Night of the Living Dead: Has to be done in black and white right? Grindhouse: Gore for the sake of gore. Such a fun movie, very slaughter sinema-esque. Tarentino would never allow it though. Original Evil Dead or Army of Darkness: Could always use more Ash It/ Conjuring: Unlikely with what Warner Brothers is trying to do. But it would bring the people in and make me super happy. Until Dawn: One of the best horror video games in recent memory. I can not hype it up enough. Some of these scenes were made for HHN.
  22. Just a quick thank you to anyone who worked the event this year. Whether you were scaring, working the queues, front gate, food and beverage, or security, you all did an excellent job managing crowds and making the most insane year as amazing as ever. Thank you!
  23. Probably the best IP since the original Halloween house. I love everything about it.
  24. Its definitely the most disorganized I've seen Universal in quite some time. Parking and front gate were a mess. Security did great and the house lines flowed very well still.
  25. Trick r treat just isnt long enough for me. The scenes they do are done well. It just isnt enough. Did seeds again last night. I appreciate the sets a lot more as I took time and had the chance to fall back from people. The last half just doesnt have enough going on for me.
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