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  1. Sorry if this has been covered, but what house is available this year when they release you from the Finnegans holding areas this year?
  2. Man! No Coca-Cola Codes?! The one ticket I wish they would bring back was the early entry. I gave up my AP when I purchased my home, and its and extra $248 in park admission for my wife and I if we want to hang out in Finnegans and not deal with the gate crowd. The Early Admission was cheap, but now with Express, entrance, and general admission on a peak SAT for my wife and I its $749.42. We are gonna risk waiting at the gate this year (get there early) and put the saved $248 towards hotel/fun
  3. Am I completely blind or is there no option for FL resident discount this year? Trying to put a projected budget together for my group, and in years pass FL resident was an option.
  4. Hey everyone! My group and I are gearing up for our trip this coming weekend! We can’t wait for everything to come to life! Quick question- I’ve read a lot of posts about the bar situation, and there only being a few bars that sell liquor this year. None of us really drink beer or wine. Can anyone confirm the locations of those bars for me? I just want to have it in my mind while we are walking around. Also is finnegans still being used as a holding pen for stay and scream?
  5. Every time I ordered a drink at HHN the used jiggers and poured the proper amount per drink.
  6. I read that on another forum. When I say full bar I mean one where I can get some whiskey or bourbon- even if it’s that crap well evan williams. Lol.
  7. Oh sweet. Maybe I’ll sign up for a behind the bar tour also. Maybe they could explain to me why they chose to have only 3 full bars for an adult event that brings in thousands of people each night open.
  8. I’m sort of upset about the liquor bars being limited this year. I’m 34 and have been going to HHN for as long as I could remember. Since I have been 21 having some drinks with friends has always been part of the HHN fun for us. We never got out of control. We never got sick. We always took taxis to and from the park. We just had fun. I’m older now- and I can’t drink like I used to, but I still enjoy having drinks in between houses. My wife calls me Danny tanner cause I always have every house and show mapped out so we hit them all with our fast passes, and I also make time for eating and having drinks. I’ve never felt so nervous to go to HHN. How bad are the wait times for liquor drinks on the weekend? I wonder why they did this. I read mike’s statement, but I still don’t understand. This year has just been weird from the reveals- end of bill and ted- end of shot girls- limited liquor. Somethings up, and i’ve Got a bad feeling about this.
  9. Heading up Saturday for my annual pilgrimage to HHN. A few questions though(please don't make me search. Lol) 1) is there still a holding pen by finnegans? 2) what app are you all using to see wait times? I downloaded the USO app, but only see ride times. 3) my girlfriend doesn't believe me about the rat lady. Where/when are the best chances of seeing her? 4) are the Harry Potter rides open during the event( taking a potter fan who hasn't seen the area) i lurk all year- thank you all for keeping me excited, and have a great day! -c
  10. But a pair of sunglasses and keep them on until you enter the house. Then take them off and you have no issues seeing. When the sun sets rent a locker by the exit and store them. Problem solved.
  11. We need them to bring back FL resident scream early passes like they have had for so many years.
  12. Anyone heard anything about scream early being available this year? I'm kind of depressed I have not seen them yet. Stay and scream is over priced and makes for a realllllly long day.
  13. Correct. Same as stay and scream except you only get a couple hours in the park vs the whole day. It's great for locals that just want to pay a little extra to beat the crowds.
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