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  1. Does anyone know if their will be a Cloissone for this year? Last year the Cloissones showed up on Ebay like the second day of HHN. But so far nothing.
  2. Oh lets see... The Lone Ranger, Hunger Games,300: Rise of an Empire, Hercules, Neighbors, Moms Night out, Divergent, transcendence...Any one of these could fill a whole show
  3. Hmm.. Made me think of the Gentlemen in Body Collectors as they never stop smiling even while they are stalking you to cut out your heart.
  4. What company do you use to create the puzzles? I also love puzzles and would love to create a some from my HHN pics.
  5. Anyone know why the cloisonnes were so few as compared to last year.? Last year it was like the day after HHN ended they were all over eBay and in ready supply and tonight was the first time I have seen one.
  6. Oh that would be cool. I have the Sweet Sixteen pin with the Director,Story Teller, Jack and Undertaker. So if they did another one for like Bloody Mary, Usher,Lady Luck and Fear I would so get that pin.
  7. well I must say I do not understand the need to pick the house apart. I for one feel this is the best house I have ever seen at HHN, Now I am sure there are those that will have other houses in mind that have been attending longer than I as my first year was 2007. And timing is a factor for everyone so for myself I always go multiple times over many nights to experience the houses at different times and with both casts. And i especially like to look at all the detail A&D has put into a house. So I enjoyed how this house flowed from scene to scene and room to room like the film with such great detail.
  8. Excellent review and I concur. AWIL is on netflix put in your que immediately.
  9. I Know some of you do the tour every year. is there any rhyme or reason to how they choose the houses for the tour? I could only get they are subject to change and they do not tell you in advance the houses you will see..
  10. Its very easy. You go down to where the buses would pick you up in a group or for a hotel that offers hotel shuttle service and there is an attendant booth there. You tell them where you are going and they wave a taxi over from the line of taxis and tell the driver where you are going take down the taxis info and where its going and off you go. Now I was only stay at the Best Western I think it is now on Universal Blvd so it was like 11.00 I wanna say after tip but this was a few years back. But getting a taxi is very easy.
  11. Its the fear of being eaten alive. This is why people fear zombies the most. For some it is the fear of the dead.
  12. While others say it can exhaustively be done without the express pass. I prefer to be able to take my time and see specific houses multiple times or all of them if timed/planned right. So I recommend the express pass.
  13. Serial kllers can be portrayed in various different ways. Psycho for instance was based on Ed Gein and the main character a serial killer.
  14. Having just seen The Host there are all kinds of possabilities for that..If any of you have read the book or seen the movie you will know what I am talking about. If not think multiple personalities, alien invasion.
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