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  1. just sent in my submission. Oh hope I'm a lucky winner. Not gunna lie, even tho I won't be attending, I'm still looking forward to some of the event this year. Mostly the Run house because I am a big Running Man fan and that's basically what the house sounds like. Can't wait for the full commercial!
  2. good advice Doc Brown. I wish I could go to the event (been following it since 2000) but alas money and personal life (work/going back to college) is in the way. Also, did anyone else notice Hollywood is doing AVP? And lastly, I am a big fan of TWD show, but when do you think they'll stop milking it as a house? I'll wait and listen. Also happy to be back on the forums. Sorry following since 2002. Damn quick typing iPad lol
  3. Well HHN Hollywood just released a teaser for an announcement, and it looks like Insidious, so yeah you are correct. And Im happy its Insidious and not TWD. Even tho im a fan of the show, I think we may see the final year of its use as an IP.
  4. Wow been a while since I've wrote on here. Glad to back. As far as the next announcement goes, my money is a dual announcement of TWD, based on the fact the trailer for the new season just came out over the weekend @SDCC.
  5. Hey mz,

    So i was wondering if i recieve accolades for socialize and original nightmare? just a thought. thanks man

  6. question: does anyone have a copy of the event map? I just cant seem to find it on the website..help me out!
  7. I might be going on the 19th, dont hold me to it. Waiting on the final details. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  8. Pirates to me...One eyed willy is back!! lol jk but yeah it looks cool. and for the icon, i would love to have lady luck because we havent had a female Icon since 05. Granted I feel Cindy should have her year. and as many of you stated, an icon works from a PR and Marketing standpoint.
  9. Wish I had accolades....lol

  10. Idk if Universal owns the rights to the film. but youre right that would be a badass house. the 2nd one scared the hell out of me. Also, i wish they would make a house based on the film Insidious, but unfortunatly they dont own the rights to that either!
  11. YES I HAVE RETURNED! Well after reading everything, I can truly say im excited for this year. Loving the new, fresh ideas. Now to go with the ideas, the whole speculation page got me thinking... For the SZs I really do wanna see like a vegas style street...WITH ZOMBIES. I know its cliche but i really liked Zombiegras last year so now that this year seems to be the 21st year, nothing says 21 like vegas and zombies. Hope no ones bashes my post, I just think it would be a cool idea...
  12. i work as a scareactor at SFGA Frigh Fest and I get ppl like that all the time. They try to mess with and don't understand that we are trying to do our jobs to scare you and don't need you all in our face trying to impress your friends. Those ppl need to grow up. Side note, everyone who works as a scareactor, keeps up the good work. You guys rock.
  13. when u get there, just go up to every member and say "Hey, made u a button. Please take it." lol
  14. as much as everyone was excited for Orfanage house, i feel that this one has the caliber of getting HOTY.
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