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  1. I'm so excited for "Tangled Ever After". :)

  2. I would love for it to be a scarezone, especially boxed in and dark if they didn't keep it as lit, but with the exits for the tent and parade building houses, MIB, Simpsons, and Bill and Ted in that area, it could get super congested and I'm not sure the almost clausterphobic scarezone would be worth it for the crowds unfortunately. I really can't see Universal making two separately ticketed events if they were both HHN, but maybe if one was kid friendly and you kept HHN at the other it would happen. I've been hearing murmurs of the family event being at IOA for years now. But for this year, I'd love to see a dual park HHN and it would be an opportunity for marketing to do some predictable moves with it being 22 and all that I know most of us can imagine them wanting to take advantage of.
  3. Mine was HHN 18 when I was 14 I believe. I remember loving every moment, and hyperventilating in the houses. Me and mom always regretted that we didn't get to hit everything. Next year, we both had FFP's.
  4. When I moved to Satellite Beach I kept hearing murmurs of it, heard a radio ad, and then went to the library to look it up. I fell in love.
  5. But going all the way back to the tents and MIB, isn't that basically using all of the Studios since you're pushing all the way to the back like that? Unless you didn't use the top half of it, of course. And I think more hardcore fans complain about the walking and the dead space than general visitors to the event, and even then it's because many of us hit the event so many times. I don't think there'll be too much ruckus about it. Maybe this coaster nonsense is just my insanity showing. I looked all over the forums and couldn't find a mention of it. Maybe I read about it on the Vault or something. Or I'm just crazy. In that case, let the show go on and add the coasters! And I feel like I kind of agree with you about when they'd do the two park switch-a-roo. If they wall off Amity (which is starting to look like what they're going to do, looking at danny_p's post) and lose FFL (Which I'm starting to doubt... unfortunately), I could see them moving. If they kept it there with the walling, I'd be kind of annoyed. Congestion much? I suppose I see your point, although I still think it'll be congested with the walling off.
  6. ^ That last one reminds me of my golden retriever, who seems to think he's a lap dog!
  7. Awesome! Can't wait until it gets here then! :)

  8. Oh, well great! Then I anticipate that being open again (as long as no major problems came up). Maybe the noise ordinance agreement was only for the Hulk since it's made to "roar". Or maybe no one pays attention to it anymore! Ah well. We'll see.
  9. I still see it happening at IOA and USF, I just don't see it happening with it strictly the right side of Islands and the left side of the Studios. I think they'd have to live with the deadzones, and utilize more of each park than that. Maybe not to their fullness, but at least more than that. If they did that, there's the possibility of keeping the Mummy, Simpsons, MIB, Cat and the Hat, Spiderman, and Jurassic Park open at least. This is excluding Forbidden Journey because we don't know Rowling's stance on that, and also Hulk, Rockit, and Dragons Challenge because of the coaster situation. So I take it that agreement is still in place about the noise ordinance then? Anyways, if they spread it out you'd have better space (and with some dead space) to utilize for scares and more rides to keep open for the people who prefer to do that. I still don't think the average guest would care that much about walking back and forth between parks. They do it during the day without complaint (for the most part). They can do it at night. Also, during the years HHN was also at IOA, did they ever keep the Toon Lagoon rides open? Just curious.
  10. I see that you've seen Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows. Is it good? It always takes a while for movies to get here, but I loved the first one. Did you like it? :)

  11. You must pardon my dust if I'm wrong on any of this. Been a couple of years. But would they leave Despicable Me open? On account of never leaving Jimmy Neutron (I think) open, I don't know if they'd keep it open unless it was doing really, really well during the day. And was Rockit open last year? If so, or even if not, that could remain open. So you'd have Mummy probably for sure and Rockit. But that's only two rides on USF's side if they kept it to that side of the park. I'd imagine if they restricted the ride areas that way at USF, they'd do it to IOA also. But if they only utilized the right side of the park and Rowling doesn't let them use it for fright, wouldn't that only leave LC for scares (depending on how far left you went) because they can't do Seuss either? I don't know if they'll keep it compact with utilizing the left half of USF and the right half of IOA with the new things gone on, just because scares would be limited at IOA. If they did that though and didn't open the rest of the park, they'd have Cat and the Hat, and MAYBE if allowed, Dragon's Challenge and Forbidden Journey. I think that we should just gear up with Tennis Shoes because keeping the event compact doesn't look like it'll work right now. At least in my eyes. (And the idea of restriction might not have even been mentioned here, but it was by someone on another site). Also, wasn't there some point brought up about not being able to run roller coasters past ten or something? I remember that being brought up a couple of years ago.
  12. I can't wait until this place is hopping again! Especially since I actually (well, maybe) will get to attend this year!
  13. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount, although I know it's because everyone's upset I'm packing up and heading to Orlando this summer. I got... Best of the Lion King CD Nerds Chapstick Jar of Jelly Air Freshener Mickey and Friends Cup Winnie the Pooh "Friendship" mug, Japanese flower sugar crystals, and a teaspoon Luffy (from the Japanese anime One Piece) alarm clock. Stuffed Gigi (from Kiki's Delivery Service) Lilo&Stitch Coloring Book, a Stitch and Angel coloring book, and a One Piece coloring book. Two "Cherish" stuffed bears Stuffed Stitch Dog tag that has "Megan" written in English, and then "My Sister" in Kanji. iPod Classic for when I move back to the states (I have an iPhone here, that I'm giving to my brother when I leave) MP3 player accessory set pair of earrings and an owl necklace. "Team Edward" bag "Life" necklace to remind me that life is a blessing, which was given to me to help in mourning. Nice cross necklace from Cherish. Ace (a character from One Piece) phone charm. Shanks (another One Piece character) action figure General Grievous action figure. Tangled Story and Songs CD Princess and the Frog Story and Songs CD A big book about Dinosaurs Star Wars the Clone Wars Season 3 (Blu-Ray) Passion of the Christ (Blu-Ray) Jem and the Holograms: The Complete Series Chuck Season 1 Singing Rapunzel Doll Medicine Complete set of Hercules plates from McDonalds from its release (I used to have them all, but as a kid I was rough with them and scatched it all out - Nostalgia alert!) Star Wars Risk Scripture Candy Various other candies. I'm so blessed to have my friends and family to give me gifts, but I think the best one was that I was able to volunteer at an elderly home here and minister to the Japanese people. I remember this one old woman just crying and holding my hand because she was so happy we were there, and even though I couldn't understand her, I was very happy to be of comfort to her and to sing to her. What a great year.
  14. I think that the event could stay at Universal if both the extended Jaws queue and the FFL stage were gone, but I don't think it would be as good. The house situation is easily fixable - they could fix up the Herc&Zena SS, or add another sprung tent. But I can't envision B&T being able to go anywhere else, while maintaining it's large cast, pyrotechnics, and where the noise won't interfere. That would be very tricky if there was a stage big enough. I do think the event is ready to kick it up a notch in both parks. It's a good opportunity to add another house or two, and I think there is better space in IOA for B&T. Yeah, there will be dead space, and yeah it'll suck. But I'd be willing to have some dead space if the event itself is very detailed with another house or two. As for the WWOHP being too much dead space, does anyone know if the bridge from JP to LC is still there? The one they used when they were building it? (You must forgive me, I haven't been to the parks in a couple of years) Just block off the area and re-use (and if it isn't there, re-erect the bridge) it. Then you wouldn't have to walk through that dead area unless management wanted to leave the rides open, in which case this is all a waste of typing. Would JK let them use the rides if it's not contributing to the scares? Anyways, I haven't experienced the two park deal - HHN wise, so I don't know from experience how much of a downer the dead space can be. I could be wrong and it would make me really annoyed! But I don't think I would mind it too much.
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