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  1. prices have dropped even more now, still no aph rates but these are very low.
  2. I booked sept.25th-oct.2nd using aph. they are showing aph rates thru the 1st week of oct., but are still much higher than the last week of sept.
  3. rush of fear is good for all of sept., I was really hoping for that.
  4. I would expect Tickets to be released today, You have to have tickets available for sale everyday , right?
  5. Well one thing that Universal does not have to worry about is the amount of guests that attend HHN. I mean they could basically not announce any houses and the event would still be packed, based on the speculation "it must be super scary this year, they wont even tell us what it is!!" And I would be one of them spending money like I bought bitcoin in 2010. Hell, been doing it for the last 14 years and already have hotel booked for this year. So if they do have a stranger bioshock things house this year, I will be looking forward to go thru it. Just like most of us here will/have done so many times.
  6. I agree, I raced at our local dirt track for several years, the only way there was not a fight(s) was if they were closed.
  7. I've been going every year since 04, Have yet to see a fight or a guest getting out of hand. as said before there is a lot of mayhem , but in a good way. I have seen fights at UO, but not during HHN. This past March there was 2 families scraping in Sans area. Security was on it in a flash. The only time I seen someone puke was after riding the Hulk. Hulk can make some people turn as green as he is.
  8. It was 6.50 -7.00 last year. I feel bad for the bartenders , less sales/higher prices = less tips.
  9. They have raised the prices on beer from what I have been reading $12.00 +Tx for a 16oz beer. Thats one way to cut sales.
  10. Central Park with pumpkins,fog=Old school Halloween. It is a beautiful area but does get crowded .
  11. Same boat We were in. Always go the 3rd weekend, and book around Feb.-March. Now we are going the 2nd weekend we drive down(6 hours) so was not a big deal to change dates. I have no clue as why they did that, if anything it would seem better to have both 4 day HHN those weeks instead of running into Nov. The park hours for the 28th still have Universal closing at 5:00. I wonder if some company rented it that day, seems that would be overly expensive giving what money HHN makes in one night.
  12. HHN vault twitter account has a reference to the Thing.
  13. you have to use the Loews site https://uo.loewshotels.com/en/booking/uo?hotel=UEPBH,UEHRH,UERPR They are going fast.
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