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  1. Okay is there reason people are saying Murdy is leaving or is it another “I didn’t like this year so it must be his last year” schtick we been pull since 2011? Honestly I don’t believe it’s 100% Murdy fault this year was not great. Budget is not Murdy’s job he is a creative director he just deals with the money he is given. Construction years kinda always a buzzkill for the event. But that can’t be helped. Its way too late to hop off the ip train for both parks I’m sorry but like death and taxes it’s unavoidable plus just cuz Orlando had originals does not mean we are changing anything or it would of happened years ago. In my opinion these are the things that need to be addressed Jabawokkeez- I know I hate on them but in all seriousness they need to go... why? ever noticed how much they push them down our throats on social media, maps, billboards? Hell they basically yell at your face up until 15 minutes into the show that seats are available. Why do they receive top billing? Because a good chunk of HHN budget goes to them. Unlike Bill and ted, Rocky Horror or even Academy of villains they are a Vegas act. Also unlike most shows HHNH has done they do not have alternate cast the same guys play every night roughly 5 or so shows. That’s impressive but not cheap. I have friends at Uni and the rumors are they take a good percentage of budget. Scarezones- I get why the lower lot and London and French street zone have been gone in the past but what I noticed this time was there was absolutely zero reason for the SZ to not be present anymore. The lower lot scarezone was cut in 2015 because of The Walking Dead maze being placed in the Transformers extended queue So it would made a bad cluster but a maze has not been there since and up stairs last year they were afraid the Walking Dead attraction would spill into London but was not case from what I saw at least. Holding onto to the past- this is Uni’s problem when they are in a pinch they rely on past success to save them. Which is why this year was an accidental anniversary year.
  2. Murdy says he perfers Hollywood doing IP being a studio themed theme park since Orlando was trucking since the 90s they didn’t really rebrand themselves even though it’s about 50/50 now Hollywood came back with the second year being the year that Uni pulled the big 3 or “Titans” as they are now called contract with New Line Cinema so murdy just decided on making Bringing horror movies to life being Hollywood’s gimmick
  3. True.... but if hopefully the hype train is strong enough i mean look at walking dead hype was so strong it became part of the park lol
  4. Pretty sure Thing won’t but so far the thoughts are Stranger Things It Halloween AHS
  5. Even if just a SZ they need to do chupacabra something hell any cryptid also so is Blumhouse doing the new Halloween? So here we go on scare zones we need SZ back big time at least on the lower lot and French street also a Bigfoot scarezone would be badass
  6. It was a good maze it’s sad how much gp shitted on it even the YouTube videos don’t do it justice
  7. 10. Evil Dead: Book of The Dead 9. The Thing 2011 8. Krampus 7. Alice Cooper Goes To Hell 6. American Werewolf In London 5. Welcome To Silent Hill 4. La Llerona 3. Friday 13th: Camp Blood 2. Insidious: into the Further 1.Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Back In Business ive been going since 06 when I was 16 to now but 2007 is what made me stick with HHN
  8. It was more a liberal reason for Bill and Ted. Vice; the website that posted the original article is SUPER liberal and the reason is the joke in question was homophobic. Plus again in last year they did Purge election year which is anti-conservative in way and they did have a skeleton trump on New York street. I can see Asylum maze and cult terror tram Uuhhhh you do know Murdy did do a thing Maze here in California right? The reason I said don’t count on the thing is the General public kinda shitted all over when Murdy did it. Either not knowing what the thing was, hating the prequel or the fact that at time people only wanted Freddy, Jason, or Saw repeated over and over could of been the reason but the maze was awesome in my opinion also I just realized how old I’m getting this was 2011 ahhhhhhh
  9. The only thing is idk about the strangers Universal does not have the rights anymore outside a cameo if we do a horror movie themed SZ I don’t we will see them also the thing i wouldn’t count while murdy is around things that are low rated the year that they represented he tends to never go back so Silent Hill, scream, The Thing, etc cuz they were not the number 1 spot they are in limbo. Silent Hill was the reason we didn’t do Resident Evil when Orlando did but if we did a classic maze a year would be cool Also political stuff won’t stop Cult here in LA if it didn’t stop the purge it’s not gonna stop Cult
  10. I kinda hope they refrain from any repeats as that kinda killed the mood this year so I hope they don’t do the thing again but the fly would be interesting but who knows
  11. I know it’s early but with Halloween Tuesday and the last weekend following I figured on top of the weakest year of HHNH we can start this discussion. so I’ll start with the ip’s I want to see and then overall suggestions also let’s be realistic here lol. ips- No brainers- Stranger Things- huge hit l, second season is getting great reviews. Great environments and effects can be utilized and ironically a black hallway would actually make sense in this one ( though not more twice tops). It- seems like Stephen King is over his issues with haunted attractions so would be great to see this used. The Conjuring-if we get IT we can get a package deal from WB. AHS: Cult if one has to return might as well be AHS and this season is pretty good hell it could even be a good terror tram. maybes (?) Happy Death Day- another surprise hit I didn’t go through Blumhouse or seen the movie so I don’t know what could be used but if it’s great as people say I’m sure it can be a great maze (I may change my my thought after I see the movie so take this as a hypothetical for now) New Mutants- doing a super hero movie as a horror movie is a fresh take and hell if it turns out good it may make for a fresh take on a maze The Evil Within-would like to see one more jab at a video game maze and I’m one who honestly liked Silent Hill Maze so if we’re are not gonna get Resident Evil this would be a great one
  12. It’s two things construction and Walking dead attraction the construction shortens the range of how far the front scare zone can reach but the biggest issue is the walking dead attraction it straight up kills two scare zones and The Despicable Me ride. When turning House of horrors into TWD they flipped the queue/entrance to where the exit used to be last year they claimed the queue would block traffic if it ever did I haven’t seen it but it cuts a good quarter of the Park off So no scare zones make them feel like they don’t need to add atmosphere or decor
  13. I agree with most hear and have heard from friends and co workers that this year was super weak I’m giving the benefit of the doubt of budget and construction but I agree they might need to really win back their spot as the top over the next few years
  14. I think saw just made me really irritated with the repeats. I really wanted to do AHS but it climbed to 75 min way too fast but it still felt the bad out weighed the good I would want to try again but with tickets at almost 100 bucks forget about it or maybe I’m just comparing it too much to last year idk haha
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