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  1. We usually go the second week, so they work out some the bugs in the houses after the first week. The last few years we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express Nearest to Universal on Major Blvd. The rooms are basic and pretty clean and up to date. The pool is small, but still nice for a swim. The rates are not too bad there, usually you can catch a good deal through the Universal website vacation planning as a partner hotel, sometimes they will give you a free night if you stay more then 4 nights. And parking is free. The big draw to the hotel is it has free breakfast buffet in the morning, food is always good and there is enough options to fill you up. And from the front door of the hotel, to the entrance of City Walk is about a 20 minute walk. There is a Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites across from Universal (the one with the TGI Fridays attracted to it). It is a closer walk, but there is no free breakfast there.
  2. This of course is not really a surprise announcement. The only TWD house that was actually pretty good, was the one in HHN 24, then last year was a complete 180 and a pretty big disappointment. But with all the houses to go through, there was more then enough to do other then that one house. This year might be okay, taking scenes from all over the seasons, and not trying to find enough from one season to make a house. I am starting to wonder that in the contract with AMC, that they are required to do a Walking Dead house every year, or they will lose the rights. Or if Comcast signed the contract, and paid a lot of money to have the rights, so they do a house every year just because. Ether way, I have accepted that now with an all year attraction in Hollywood, that TWD is not going away anytime soon. Oh well, its not a deal breaker over one house.
  3. I usually buy the Rush of Fear pass, and use it for 4 nights. But this year I have to take a shorter trip, and can only go 2 nights. I was thinking of getting the Rush of Fear Plus Express. If I get the Express Pass, can I use it both nights, or can you only use it once? Or would it just be cheaper to get a regular Rush of Fear, and just add on Express at the park both nights?
  4. Are they putting up a stage near Mel's Drive In? I was really disappointed when they stopped doing the stage shows there, and would be really happy to see them come back.
  5. 3D houses are hit or miss with me. I would rather have a dark house with a creepy feel, then one that is lit up by black lights. But I am still interested to see how it is done. There are usually a few good 3D effects that make me say "that looks cool". I am also glad it is not a comical 3D house this year.
  6. Haha, I just checked Twitter. Looks like her isn't giving up that facade secret.
  7. I asked earlier today about if there would be a facade on the Parade Building. He didn't respond to it though.
  8. I agree. I think it would flow a lot better with it starting with the prison first. Anyways the prison was first in the show, then Woodbury was introduced later. And I agree, they can make the queue area around the outside of Parade building easily look like a yard outside one of the prison buildings in the show. I really hope they do some sort of facade on it at least. it looks very sad without something on it.
  9. I was not a big fan of TWD house last year. I went through it twice, during the day and at night. All I saw was zombies standing around and not making any attempt to scare you (but from what I head AMC had a lot to do with that), and the whole house had no real flow to it. They just crammed scenes from the first two seasons into it, and they didn't really fit well together. They would have done better to stick with one or two areas from the show to focus on, like the hospital and maybe downtown Atlanta. Or the Hershel's farmhouse and barn, etc. But anyways... I was kinda bummed to hear they are doing another one, but if they singed a contract with AMC, then it would make sense to do it now while it is still in effect. I have a little more hope for this years house, being inside the parade area will be a big improvement. I hope they throw a few survivors in the Woodbury area, fighting off zombies (like in The Thing house). Of course if AMC wants to to stick to the show, that wouldn't make much sense since Woodbury was never really overrun with zombies. And for the street experience, if they actually dress up parts of the park to look like scenes for the show, then it might be kinda interesting. But if their idea is to put out the same old school bus and station wagon and a few barrels with fog coming out of them, then I will be disappointed. And I am more worried that AMC will slap a whole lot of restrictions on the scareactors playing the Walkers. I heard they were quite detailed on what they couldn't do last year, mostly getting too close to guests and reaching for them. I guess I will wait and see what they have planned. Ether way it will be a good time, there is always something I love about HHN every year.
  10. Good zone. The music and lighting was great. Their weren't a lot of props to dress it up, but I could tell the Scareactors were having a fun time working the area. At one point I watched most of them gather in the center area and start dancing LoL
  11. No, one of the Scareactors was putting fake blood in their mouth and coughing it up as they scared....well done LoL
  12. Actually I was speaking of the "Fear Revealed" area and not the "20 years of Fear" area. But the two are so close I didn't know the reaper prop belonged to the 20 years area, my bad.
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