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  1. Pretty certain it will stay this way because of the ongoing construction in the park.
  2. The path is VERY narrow, so I didn't walk down it. I believe it's open but it's such a pain during regular park hours that I can't imagine how bad it was last night if it was open.
  3. The path where 7 was last year is the only path around the park. So, if you're coming from, say B&T, instead of cutting through Amity or down Shrek Alley you have to walk around through hollywood to get to, let's say, Disaster. It just makes for longer walking time. (That was explained poorly, I apologize.) It's better explained with visual representation or seeing it at the park yourself. Simply put, there's just a lot of construction fences up through main walking parts of the park that make traveling from one end to the other a pain in the ass, if you hate walking.
  4. Last night was the 4th employee preview that I've attended so I knew what to expect out of it. Working at Universal, I'm used to dress rehearsals and ironing out the details of things. I expect clusterf***'s and chaos. With that said, I'm in agreeance that last night was the worst employee preview that I've attended. Unlike a few others here, it had nothing to do with wait times but more to do with how situations were handled and the way information was distributed. For example, I started my night at House of Horrors, a house which was set to open at 7:30. Around 7:50 when the house still wasn't opened I kindly asked the greeter when she should expect the house to open and if she had any information about what was going on. She just looked at me and said, "I don't know, I don't have a radio." and went back to chatting up someone else. To me, that was a totally unacceptable way to handle the situation. Personally, I would never say that to a guest employee or not. Later on during the night at the soundstage houses there came a point where all three went down for a fire drill. I was in line for Dead End at the time and when I asked when it was possible that it might open again I was told, "I don't know. Not tonight." And again, was promptly ignored. To me it seemed like there were a lot more difficulties than previous EP's and that the staff were either nonexistent or simply didn't know any information. It also seemed to me that a lot of (if not all...) of the houses and streets were half-staffed. It's been confusing to me reading reviews about the houses because my experience of all of them was that there were a lot of dead areas where there clearly should have been actors. As far as houses go, I'll have to wait until after opening weekend to give any sort of review on them. The sets are beautiful though and surprisingly, I had the most fun inside the Penn and Teller house which was completely unexpected. The streets I had no expectations for, it was more of a curiosity on how things would play out. With the amount of people there were last night it was often difficult to separate actual crowd from scareactor and, a lot of places were too dark to really see anyone. I did love the amount of fog though. There were a few places I had trouble seeing in front of me which was fun for me. The "one way road" throughout the park is a bit annoying, as I couldn't quickly cut through areas like I'm used to, but that's to be expected too with all the construction. Overall, at the end of the day it was what it was. A dress rehearsal. I don't know for sure if they were actually running at half-staff throughout the park, but it appeared to me they were. If that was the case, I'm excited for the next two days to see how things improve. And of course, with shops/restaurants/rides open it will help a lot with crowd control. For me personally, the event has a lot of potential to be fantastic but honestly it comes down to the actors for me. If I were to give any hopes for the next few days it's that I see more scareactors!
  5. Haha he was trying to tell you that V was dead & to look at my shirt. He brought me a few people last night. Haha. He took another HNN member's drink & ran over to me and handed it to me. So funny. He definitely made my night too.
  6. Ah, I had a feeling it was! Haha. You got me really good.
  7. The song I was looking for & found is a song by NIN off one of the Ghost albums. It's track 8 on the first album.
  8. I had so many personal moments last night that I hope I can remember them all. I had an amazing time last night & the personal scares make it so much fun for me. I had my HNN shirt on & was holding pink sunglasses. Okay, here we go. Hallow'd Past - First shout out goes to my friend Chris who was playing the clown right after the vortex. You recognized me & gave me a personal shout out! Yay. All the zombies - Thanks got getting right up in my ear & saying various things to me such as, "Nightmare" you creeped me out. To the body collector on the left - Thank you for pointing your knife at me. 20 Years of Fear SZ - To the Orc (I think you're an Orc) that followed me halfway down the street & continuously shook your can, thank you. You scared me & creeped me out all at the same time. I thought you were going to follow me all the way out! Wolfman (Idk if it was your army of teh robots) but you got right in my face. =] To the girl from Asylum in Wonderland that scared me & then bragged that she scared me, haha you're awesome. Thank you. Legendary Truth- To the guy in the floor that kept in step with my friend Rachel & I as we walked across, thanks. You creeped me out & made my day. Now I know my boss was lying when he said you're a hologram. Hades- I had the privilege of going through this house last & alone, which was totally awesome. The minotaur got me the worst, as did my friend DK the Cyclops. Stop switching booholes DK! Orfanage- Shalisa & her cast partner trapped me in her room & then Shalisa said my name really creepy. Haha thanks for that. My favorite pirate! Good to know you can even scare me by yelling, "FOR AMERICA!" at me. I adore you so much. Zombiegedden- I found the table! & got scared in the process. & the bag room is scary. That's all. Saws & Steam- Oh god, I don't know if I can remember everything. From Clint telling me nice shirt & then coming back to scare me & waving his finger at me. To Bryan almost slicing my face off. To another chainsaw saying "You think your a nightmare!" & then chasing me out & then later doing it again & surrounding me with another chainsaw. It's me btw. =] To MrBungle creeping up next to me & saying "Don't worry I'll be in your dreams tonight" Haha. & all the other chainsaws in between. Before this year I have never gotten scared on streets & now I know what it's like. Thanks for making me also realize that when a chainsaw revs up behind you, it's terrifying. I enjoyed all the personal attention as well as watching you scare the crap out of people. To all the scareactors I forgot that scared me last night, thank you. =] You made my day.
  9. Haha yay! That's my roommate. I'll let him know when he gets home. =]
  10. OMFG YOU COMPLETELY MADE MY FUCKING DAY. I love this song so hard. XD
  11. This is a really random question, but I hope someone knows. Does anyone know what song they play in Saws & Steam? I'm in love with it. Nvm. I found it. XD
  12. Haha, this is my roommate, I will let him know. He's supposed to have an eye patch but they lost it after rehearsals. Hopefully they will give him something before the end though! (He scares the crap out of me every time too!)
  13. Ohmyjesus, I thought I was the only one having issues with the insane amount of shit hanging in front of you in Hades. It was too much. I kept getting tangled in shit & it ruined the experience for me & just annoyed the crap out of me. No bueno.
  14. Funny, I did the same exact thing. My friend was holding on to my arm and ran me into it. I have poor eyesight to begin with so this didn't help my case. I have a nice bruise on my hip now. Also, don't go in Zombiegedden in the day time. You see everything & it takes away from the atmosphere. I went through again in the dark and it was much more intense and you can see the effects better.
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