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  1. With the event now over, I want to send a special thanks to both casts of Catacombs. You all are AMAZING! If you look at the pre-event levels of the fans expectations of the houses, Catacombs was almost at the bottom of everyone's. Now look at the post-event ranking of the houses and Catacombs is right at the top. Both casts rock! You all did a GREAT job and you deserved to be recognized for that. Know that what you experienced being a part of a Catacombs cast may go down as some of your best experiences ever as a scareactor. You all had something very unique and always remember that in your future years of being a HHN scareactor. For another thanks, a HUGE shoutout goes to the fans! If not for you, this house affectionately referred to as Cats 'n' Combs may not have been the great success that it turned out to be. For all of your trips through to see us, for all of your combing, creating pecker pins, saying great things about our house, etc., etc., etc., THANK YOU! You definitely made this scareactor's experience very memorable. We did greatly appreciate everything that you all did. Many many many thanks and know how much our hardcore fans were loved by all of us. To every Firecrew or ABU that was an honorary skeleton, mummified corpse, or plague doctor for one night or many nights, thank you for everything that you all do! Without you all, the house would not have been able to produce the consistency that it achieved. And that's a wrap.
  2. Amazing fans + Amazing casts = Amazing house!!!
  3. Tent love! Congrats Dogs -- you deserve it!
  4. I'll turn this into the HHN fan appreciation thread. I want to thank the pecker fans for coming through so many times on our closing yet. You help keep things fun during our long hours. So, thank you for your pecker love. Also, I thought I might have gotten Jake, just a tiny little bit when I popped up to the side of him..not sure. If not, I'll keep looking for you. Either way, thank you to the fans.
  5. Just a suggestion, but if Hallow'd Past wins out, the dump would lead you to Catacombs. I'm sure the plague doctors would love to see you. And I believe Cast B has many many HNN members.
  6. I remember that. And I've heard clapping for us coming on and off set. It's appreciated.
  7. Was a certain person made famous in a Dr. Jimmy HHN 19 video at the event on Saturday?
  8. And if you're nice to Pumpkinhead, maybe he'll perform his tribute to the late Michael Jackson. Of course, no one can "thrill" as well as his former cast.
  9. Not moving past curbs and onto the sidewalks is for the safety of the scareactor and guests. It serves a very important purpose.
  10. So wouldn't that mean that based on roles that were leaked, the Shrek area is the mythology/Greek street?
  11. Are Production Central and Shrek Alley the same location? I thought Shrek was on the road that leads to Mel's - location of Treak/Foons 2, American Gothic, and WOTLD.
  12. Does that mean that in every room, the scareactor will see how many times they can say F#ck in a sentence?
  13. Are you sure you're referring to the 97 version of Museum of Horror? This was split into a modern vs. classic so it was basically two houses. The modern side had Friday the 13th, The Exorcist, Candyman, Nightmare on ES, Halloween, Scream, and Tex Chainsaw Massacre. The classic side had Wolfman, Drac, and Frank among others.
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