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  1. Freak I think saw you twice yesterday. Once in AVP while I was working and another coming out of the restroom at Citywalk lol
  2. Here's mine 1. AVP 2. AWIL 3. Clownz 3D 4. FDTD 5. TWD 6. Dracula Untold 7. Face Off
  3. So the name of the maze is Alien vs Predator: Alien vs Predator ?
  4. Thanks. Just heard how some people worked together yesterday and got in. Just asking
  5. @HorrorNights: Secured a tank and a police car this week, one goes inside a maze, one goes outside a maze....They are four different mazes... Resident Evil? Orlando's maze had a police car in front of the maze when they did it.
  6. I won't be turning in my event, I underestimated my finals. I'd like to do the second contest if I still can
  7. I volunteer as tribute But I'll need an extension. A few days after Monday
  8. Anyone play Outlast? I think it would make a great maze. The popularity is a question though.
  9. I think Murdy said he's already talking to people about next year, so he'll probably be back another year.
  10. I guess it's about the timing for Insidious. When I went through the maze there was a great deal of fog.
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