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  1. Hello. Any information about when the merchandise for HHN will be announced or the opening of the Tribute Store for HHN29? Thank you.
  2. Super disappointed with the current status of the site and the "updates". I do not know why Uni has changed their method of HHN site announcements and interactive media (if that is the case) but I plan on voicing my opinion to them in a letter when all is said and done. The HHN website is something I look forward to every day...several times a day!! And it gets me super worked up for the event ....so I am missing that terribly. I still remain hopeful that the site changes are just being delayed for some technical or other reason, and I keep checking this forum to see if anyone is aware of what is going on with the HHN site. Keep udates coming if anyone hears different about the site changes. Thanks.
  3. I have been so patient waiting for any kind of website update----need something soon!!! Ticket with Fast Pass info and Annual Pass Holder info....much needed!!!
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