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  1. Can't say I'm sad to see the sticks being gone. Every night those bastards set it off at least once directly in my ear, leaving it ringing for a solid 20 minutes. It's a damn good BOO scare but god it hurts.
  2. There are just as many bar tents, mini bars in line, and blood bag nurses as there have been previously. Each time I've attempted to get a drink I've had to wait a few minutes for a line to clear, if they were to set up less distribution points for alcohol then lines would increase throughout the park and most likely lead to a profit loss. The area by Saws N Steam is typically bombarded with people, why would you not have a bar kiosk set up there? I've seen that line get 15-20 people long so why not set up a wagon / cart for those who just wanted a quick beer and not a mixed drink? When you break it down the amount of distribution points make sense in relation to the traffic of the given area. Drunks are a problem, but that's why you have security and police. I see more issues with punk teenagers trolling the scareactors and being rowdy in line, or smoking, or ozone layers depleting, or people who walk extremely slow, or when you're stuck in a 30 minute line with someone who has terrible BO. Now I'm just ranting =]
  3. I lol'd. ^^^ Roving bands of 40-something sober women wreaking havoc on props Seriously though, we've all had bad experiences with ops. There's always a "that guy" in these situations. Not every ops member is guilty of this. Yes it is ops job to keep the lines moving, but if I'm already in forward motion 3 feet from the guy in front of me, I expect to not see some derp frantically waving his arms telling me I need to move faster. I've had this same grievance for the last 6 years, I don't care what they're paid to do if they're downgrading the guest experience it's a justifiable issue to complain about
  4. You'll be allowed access to the kid zone area which will include The Forsaken and In Between, once the park opens you'll be allowed to cross over to the rest of the park.
  5. I agree with Jimmy. I have a feeling it's going to get rather crowded and lead to some great scares!
  6. Pretty stoked about this house. I loved just hanging around SnS last year listening and watching everything that was going on. Walking through a labrynth of machines and spewing steam pipes sounds right up my alley
  7. Unlikely, but that would be awesome. I'm sure they'll scale down the lighting effects in the surrounding areas to give it the right feel however
  8. I don't see them allowing you to upgrade since you're not going from say a FF to FFP or adding express. The cost for RoF is build on you having access to all 3 weeks including days covered by FF and FFP . Best bet is to just give the sales office a call and find out for sure.
  9. I've always loved the ScareFactory robotics, they're amazing! I wouldn't say it's the prospect of guests breaking the devices, it's more in the cost / downtime realm. Most robotic units like that will fall in the ballpark of $2,000-$15,000+ , that's quite a few admissions for a single robotic unit not to mention maintenance. If you think about it....putting a $15,000 pneumatic / robotic unit in a single scene, in a single house and it breaks, you've essentially lost the impact of the room plus you'll have a maintenance worker visible while trying to repair the unit, or they'll leave it broken for the night. They're just risky ventures for guest satisfaction, and considering the risk involved I can see why we haven't seen them implemented. Not to mention you can typically hear the pneumatic actuation from 20ft away on most devices, that would be like hearing the chainsaw 3 scenes before it happens.
  10. It nearly needs its own speculation thread!
  11. 1: Nevermore: The madness of Poe 2. Nightingales: Blood of Prey 3. The In Between 4. Saws N Steam 5. H.R. Bloodengutz 6. Winter Nights Cemetary 7.The Foresaken 8. The Thing Pretty stoked about my top 5!!
  12. Living vicariously through the forums shouldn't be too hard on you
  13. I don't think the prices are too outrageous personally. Florida residents still get good discounts for the one time visits and such. The passes are too bad anyway after you break it down by how much you pay per day. Universal is going to keep capitalizing until they see a definite uproar over ticket pricing and drops in sales. If the ticket increases stop some of the herpderps from wandering in to the event I wouldn't be too upset about it.
  14. I kind of had to do some research on it actually. Some people back in middle school were taken by their parents and came back talking about "Crazy dudes with chain saws chasing people through Universal Studios". After that I searched it up and found out about HHN!
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