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  1. Sorry you have to deal with that. Thankfully the saw drowns out most of the idiotic shit people say out there. Be safe. Also be sure to talk to your supervisors. If you're still on tram, they are super understanding of these sorts of issues.
  2. Crowds were a bit rowdier last night. Chainsaw Chaseout went pretty well though.
  3. You'll be put in pool and they'll figure out where you're best after they have you fill spots.
  4. Brigade = Chainsaw Chaseout. I'm a saw on the terror tram, but a few of us stay for chainsaw chaseout. I'll be there every night!
  5. I would always recommend having a legitimate reason to be switched into pool, as it's irritating for them to have to move people around on top of all those who call in sick, etc.
  6. The amount of time they would have to spend on each performer to get prosthetics to look like the way they looked in the television show would be outrageous, and not worth it since many of them are quick "boo" scares.
  7. Not sure staffing handles that stuff. You're better off talking to Scott when you see him.
  8. Engineering student at USC here! Happy to join in on the academic sufferings. I somehow managed fairly well with it last year...
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