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  1. HHN 29 Full Commercial: Ghostbusters only 15 second Ad:
  2. While I can't speak for this new Halloween version I will say the the normal version of Cinematic Celebration is very popular with guests and probably the best night time show Universal has done in sometime. That being said, I'm not sure how many people are going to set aside their precious house time to see it. I think it'll end up just being a nice surprise for people who just happen to be walking by at the time sort of like The Director's Cut in 2006 or the 3 mini shows during 2012.
  3. New Wallpapers Now Available For Halloween: Marathon of Mayhem
  4. Hollywood just has a original house (Pandora) to announce.
  5. New Wallpapers Now Available For
  6. New Wallpapers Now Available For
  7. It’ll be out either today or tomorrow.
  8. New Wallpapers Now Available For
  9. Gambit

    HHN 29: Us

    Can we all just appreciate how amazing the music will be in this house if nothing else.
  10. I'd expect everything left (3 houses, 5 scarezones, and shows) to all be announced within the next 3 weeks so get ready!
  11. New Wallpapers Now Available For
  12. New Wallpapers Now Available For
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