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  1. is heading back to college on the 23rd.

  2. Sorry dude. My internet connection here sucks... :/
  3. BTW. They changed the staff page on the LT website and so now the S.V.P. is Gabriel Fell which is (coming from an English major) a rather strange name. Fell... and Gabriel... a sort of angel thing that may tie into some of the speculation about hell being brought up this year? And also, he's the only person who has his "information classified" while the C.E.O and C.O.O have nice little write ups. Plus the guy in the pic is kind of creepy/evil looking. May be just me. *shrug*
  4. I'm guessing the images found before in the Lantern may be what they're referring to? Demons coming out of the flames... it's "not right" and obviously... not what was intended by the HHN graphic design department. "The image has taken on a life of its own! ohz nozzz!!""
  5. is looking forward to a trip to Stonehenge tomorrow! <3

  6. I apologize as my computer connection in London is horrible and I can't read everything (did my best tho). What is the problem with Bloody Mary and copy-write material? Could someone explain? Also I have a friend who does makeup for HHN and she says she has been commissioned to be making prosthetics for some scareactors so I'll update if she can hiss out specifics.
  7. I think it is safe to say that Iron Man and Prince of Persia will be in there easily. Although PoP is a Disney flick... and they've had copywrite issues with Pirates being used in the past. Miley Cyrus would make an awesome villain. "Avis Cyrus" the evil bird bitch on the attack! Looking her Disney image one day at a time by sprouting wings! Ahhhhh!!!! I also think a funny Christia Agulera vs Gaga thing would be awesome. There has been a lot of talk about Christina copying Gaga's image for her new album and they have had Agulera as a singing guest in the past (btw... whoever played her was drop dead gorgeous). Also... let's not forget McGrouber. We all know how Bill and Ted's likes to focus on the idiodic at times. It's a very easy impersonation. Now that 24 is over they may add that in too... and have MacGrouber take over? FINALLY and MY FAVORITE: LOSSSSTTTTT!!!!! I am willing to put down money that it'll be included. I'd love if it was even the focus. Bill and Ted travel to the island of Lost. The show is over so this is the last year they can use it! Ugh the Bill and Ted's show is my favorite. I really am tempted to audition...
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