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  1. I completely get what you mean about the level of crowds as it did get very tight in there. I don't feel that this second show will draw any where near the crowd levels as the Carnage Returns show so I hope that will help Banshee. I do think that the light levels were handled reasonably well though. In terms of the thick fog, I actually like it from time to time and if used effectively it can freak people out and be great cover from the actors.
  2. Did you feel that Evil's Roots was affected much by the show last year? I thought that they did a great job with the close proximity.
  3. I'm hoping that they bring back the extremely tight air bladder effects that you have to force yourself out of. Some people call it the birth canal. LOL. It certainly would give the claustrophobic feel that has been teased. Check it out! https://www.scareproducts.com/cms.Catalog.aspx?catalog=* Sorry, not trying to be a know it all but Nightingales was based in WW1.
  4. See the thing people need to remember is that this comes from the Creative team (TJ and Rick among others) and they have been working on this for years. I have been fortunate to experience all of the testing that the fans were lucky enough to get a chance to be part of the last 3 years and let me tell you, it is a very neat blend of technology, story telling and traditional haunted house elements. This is in no way the "Extreme" house that people are calling it. That is a throw back to 2003 and keeps coming up from time to time in fan spectulation. This is an all new (to the masses anyway) experience for 2016. Expect live sets, a few scare actors and heavy use of technology. What I experienced the past few years, particularly last year, was pretty damn cool and in spots delivered an experience that you simply can not get via going through a traditional HHN maze. I expect it to be about 30-45 minutes and the VR portion about 15 minutes. I suspect that much of the content will be what I have already seen, but I am ok with that because I want to see the full product delivered from the team. I hope that it will be an all new experience that will surprise me, but whatever the content, I am glad to support this as I believe in the Creative team and know that with their success in this area gives makes it more likely we see more original content at HHN. Given that, I really hope that the team have this experience bug free and seamless. For the $50 upcharge it has to be glitch free and go off without a hitch. Show your support guys and gals. This is a project of love by the masters and for the fans. The fact that UO gave them a budget says a lot. I can't wait for my session I booked for September 30th at 5pm.
  5. Thanks for all the kind words all. Glad you enjoyed it.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/notes/mike-damon/fubars-halloween-horror-nights-26-pre-event-thoughts-and-opinions/10154439853488584 Enjoy and Comment! Cheers!!! F.U.B.A.R.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/notes/mike-damon/fubars-halloween-horror-nights-25-review/10154435588948584
  8. We need to add Tomb of the Ancients to the house threads
  9. Looking more likely that this zone will be over by MIB/ Simpson's with the house being in the MIB Queue new building.
  10. Very impressive pics so far Mark Walter. I will be looking out for more of your work
  11. https://www.facebook.com/notes/mike-damon/fubars-halloween-horror-nights-24-pre-event-thoughts/10152681767948584
  12. Anyone hear a radio ad for 23 yet? IF so, can someone please capture and put up? Thanks in advance
  13. Got the font for old school HHN like HHN 1994-2001?
  14. I'm actually shocked that you said The Caretaker Hush! I would have put money on you saying The Body Collectors (Gentleman). Hmmm, surprise surprise!
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