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  1. Here are some pics http://s854.photobucket.com/albums/ab106/Mr_Hobbz/HHN%202012/
  2. I tell ya you will be surprised, even I was and only half of TT rehersed last night. you HERD right!!!!!
  3. So last night's TT rehersal was sooooo awesome. I was so impressed with how it's is going to be this year. Trev you guys looked awesome, I love that whole concept, I think it definately will work especially in WixFlix's area.
  4. More likely a seperate Picture & video thread will go up after Employee Preview.
  5. I've been feeling tha same, there was a lot of leaked info before mazes were announced and all these media previews are showing the mazes. It kinda ruins it for me. To me it was better when no info was sent out and it made the anticipation that much better. Now it will be sort of "oh yeah I saw this part in the preview", I know it will be different with the lights and actors but this is just my opinion.
  6. Put me down for Terror Tram chainsaw tram drop off, third year in a row!!!!
  7. yeah no saws in lower lot Just random nurses and "other" things!
  8. That's not to bad, I started taking my little bro at 10, but he could handle it & love it.
  9. Honestly if he shows any type of fear, he will be targeted. How old is he by the way.
  10. So not sure if anyone here is a fan of Bone Yard Effects Inc. on FB. They are the company that makes the prostectics for the scareactors. They posted a pic of the 2012 shop crew, and one of them is wearing a very familiar head! http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=10151180521604254&set=a.309132529253.182044.277546449253&type=1&theater
  11. Due to the noise issues, I highly doubt that you will see chainsaw in any other area aside from drop off & tram load. So business as usual on those two fronts.
  12. Silent Hill Scarzone on the Lower Lot sounds pretty cool. I would guess nurses roaming the streets.
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