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  1. Have you ever been to any of the haunts up there? I am from Shepherdsville and they have some GREAT haunted houses up there in Louisville and just over the bridge in IN. I have never been to HHN but am going this year. I have been to House of Shock in LA, but so far nothing compares to the Louisville Haunts I have been too up there! I especially love Nightmare Forrest, Haunted Hotel, so many others!
  2. I am not sure why they would sell Horror Nights tickets then. Seems kinda crappy to market a ticket for something that isn't happening. They should have changed the name of the ticket already if that's the case.
  3. I REALLY hope mask are not required by the time HHN happens. This is my first trip and I usually go to Universal every year in February. I cannot imagine wearing a mask in that heat. My husband and a friend going with us both have beards that are chest length and masks are miserable for them. I think it will be enough for us to cancel our plans and try it the following year. I understand masks for now but there has to be a point when they let you make that decision. If you are scared to get the virus and expect everyone to wear a mask, then you should maybe stay home. Of course I don't want anyone to miss out but I really also don't want to live my life wearing a mask forever.
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