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  1. Does anyone know if the BOGO tickets will work for Oct 22nd and 23rd? I don't see those listed as blackout dates, but the tickets also state they're only for "select dates"
  2. I can't imagine this happening. That's a week from now, and Universal is declining to comment?
  3. I thought that was immediately disproven by officials
  4. Not sure if anyone heard the news, but there are experts speculating that there will be no large gatherings or concerts until Fall 2021. Not sure how that impacts theme parks, but it's something to think about
  5. Going off that spec map, there definitely needs to be a IP from 2020 or late 2019, and I think it makes sense for that to be either Spiral or Candyman (or both) I'd personally be excited for a Billie Eilish maze. I don't know if I'd call myself a fan (I do like some of her music) but I think it could be very exciting because we don't know what they would do with it. I don't think Sabrina or Haunting make too much sense, I think it's a little late to use those IPs. If Channel Zero was still around and more popular, a house themed around Candle Cove would've been amazing, same with No End House
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