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  1. Will HHN be at risk this year? I've been getting my money ready for the event and I'm worrying that the event could possibly be cancelled among many other things being cancelled so soon. Universal released a statement that construction for their new parks and areas will resume but is HHN on that priority list? HHN is a huge money earner for the parks and I cant imagine them cancelling the event. Do you think HHN is coming this year?
  2. I was wondering where to find some merch from 2017 as that year was very special to me and I was just wondering if anybody had a Titans of Terror Tram 2XL shirt as that was the first maze I ever did so its really sentimental. Perhaps some other websites sell older HHN Merch? I have a couple things from 2017 which was the Shining,Your Soul is Requested, and Farewell Tour shirts. If you guys can give some suggestions of where to go it would be really helpful. Stay awesome everyone!
  3. Marathon of Mayhem would be a perfect addition to each year and with different movies provide lots of reusablity
  4. I personally feel like it outstayed its welcome for two years. I want HHN to be like 27 with the various properties although 27/2017 was regarded as terrible. The 80's took an interesting spin but it started to feel stale after one year and I don't want to be like the Walking Dead and become overused. Have a good evening/morning everyone!
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