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  1. So, apparently a few people who have auditioned on the 27th have already heard back. I know of someone who got their role just yesterday. I heard they’re still casting a few roles but. Anyway, very disappointed, but there’s always next year.
  2. I’m in the same boat, unfortunately. Wish I knew some other folks that went to the same audition to see if emails already went out. I won’t start losing hope till the end of next week considering orientation is right around the corner. Fingers crossed indeed!
  3. I auditioned on the 27th as well and haven’t heard anything back, my friend also auditioned with me and got the golden ticket and she hasn’t heard back either! This is my 3rd time auditioning but first time getting the golden ticket, I’m kinda getting discouraged but I’m also hoping for the best. We’ll see!
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