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  1. Ive been going to Hollywood for a few years and i want to know if Orlando is better or just as good as Hollywood. They both have contrasting pro's and con's such as Orlando has more room and has more original houses rather than the Hollywood counterpart which is generally all IP except this year with Holidayz in Hell. Ive watched videos from Orlando and the scarezones seem to be much cooler like Twisted Traditons and Vamp 85'. We sometimes get mazes before Orlando does such as Universal Monsters but it seems that Orlando's is totally going to beat last years with the hype its gotten. I dont have a lot of money but im scrounging up money to possibly take my Mom or Dad to it as i recently got my mom hooked on HHN with the surprise tickets to the preview so i want to know what its like over there. Is it waaaaay scarier than here ? I feel like im answering my own question. I plan to go within the next few years because Orlando seems so much better than here but its a blind assumption, videos probably dont do it much justice as the real thing is super cool probably. Stay Spooky Everyone !
  2. I forgot how much is Unlimited Express ? I wonder if it will be available on Fan Preview considering lines shouldn't be that bad.
  3. I bought my Express ticket to go to the preview. I researched and the red carpet celebrities will be there for the preview which comes off as a shock as it was always opening day like how the Stranger Things cast and Jamie Lee Curtis showed up last year for HHN's Red Carpet. I think it will be pretty good considering crowds would be significantly lowered from an average HHN Night as tickets are limited. Are anyone of you guys going ?
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