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  1. I belong to 4 of those groups lol. The following can be true; (All or one at the same time) 1. HHN market and leadership direction can be out of touch with their main stream revenue source for HHN. Simply put, they don’t know or forgot why HHN is so successful. 2. IPs can be to difficult to acquire based on Licensing. 3. cost vs. profit clashed completely with creative. I believe that the best way to express your disdain is thru your wallet. I won’t express my approval with the the current rumored line up. I love the event and it has a special place in my heart but I can’t support this lowering the standards or identity to make more cash. This is too far IMO. I know it works for some but not me.
  2. Unfortunately, it’s the track record of this site and the speculated IPs which causes a lot of sting for me personally. I reviewed last years 1.0 Map and it was accurate on all of the IPs (Except Us, and that was not revealed at the time). None of the IPs changed and only was add to (Us). This years map was a gut check for someone like me. This has always been the vacation of the year for my wife and I... Now that we are rethinking it at a time where holding on to something to look forward to is a nice relief from the chaos. Now it’s like “well poop... what are we gunna do?” . Like I said I will wait for official confirmation before we do anything, however the outlook is grim.... and not in a good way.
  3. Yah Freddy or Jason aren’t scary at all and HoHH Was way scarier. But I found myself wanting to know more about the mystery or the house and what happened than anything. The conjurverse by comparison is way more in line with horror IMO. there HAS to be something said for a good Slasher at the event. Licensing and money always has its say on these things. /shrug oh well. I am glad some are happy about the rumored line up. Not sure what I am gunna do just yet. Could be the year I save thousands of dollars.
  4. I was very specific with my words... “Horror Movies” I love HoHH, great Show... more spooky mystery with horror elements. and the others you listed were originals. I stand by what I said... Not everyone is going to like the same things. The event has been getting noticeably tamer in my opinion. Whether is that’s cause money or lack of options is arguable. “Halloween Nights” seems to fit the event... again my opinion. This isn’t meant as a shot or to be argumentative, just as observation. cheers!
  5. Well this was some pretty bad news on top of everything going on in the world. I am in sorta denial RN. They should just change the event name to “Halloween Nights” Cause there isn’t much there in the way of horror. Spooky stuff sure, but not one Horror movie (or what I consider to be a horror movie IMO) I apologize, I am not mean to dump on anyone’s fandom but totally not what I have come to love for over the past decade + . enjoy the fog everyone... won’t be committing anymore cash till official announcements are released, and if they are in line with the map (as they usually are... Imma head out)
  6. If the spec map just released is even 75% accurate... color me SUPER disappointed for the 30th anniversary... I might rethink my event plans this year
  7. Totally get it. No one should get fired/in trouble over cause people can't wait. Also proves my point, when something has been right in the past they are given more credibility.
  8. Agreed totally, however I use the term "evidence" subjectively. Overall I am referring "evidence" as how the rumors are generated. Its kind of a sense of how rumors pop up and sources which gives credibility to those rumors. In a sense, Source X can be traced back in the past and be correct which gives some weight to the rumor (solid or not). The only true evidence is hard leaks (Website data-mines, Marketing slip-ups ect...). IU just reminds me of a bunch of monkeys throwing poop at wall trying to get a reaction out of you... A tip of the hat to your "Chaotic-Neutral" stance this year. I am cold and calculating, waiting is just fine for me. Some people just wanna watch the world burn, where as I plan its destruction to suit my means.
  9. I got bored last night and went over and read the HHN 30 speculation thread over at IU. Wow that place is a mess. Right now, its just Legacy toying everyone over there with hints /clues of only rumors. Couldn't find a shred of credible evidence, or what I conciser credible evidence. I figured it was going to be "tight lipped" this year due to the past few years. Now Rix Flix went and posted the IU rumors on youtube . All this information/misinformation is going to make the speculation game hard as hell this year. What I like to see at the event Vs. what will actually be at the event are almost certainly different, but I am never disappointed. So for now, I can speculate that Creepshow and Billie Eilish lagoon show. I'd be surprised if ST came back due to its reception / execution last year, but crazier things have happened (As always though $$$$ makes the world go around). Conjuring / IT sounds to good to be true, so I am not getting my hopes up. Beetlejuice seems like low hanging fruit for Universal so its possible, but again no credible evidence. Pretty sure we will get our first announcement next month, so that will be exciting.
  10. The only thing I feel confident about ... (and I use the word "confident" very loosely) is Creepshow and Billy Eilish Lagoon Show (*Rolls Eyes*)... I try not to get my hopes up for IT and Conjuring, I would love them both, however seeing how this is a "speculation" thread, I haven't seen any evidence on either coming to HHN this year. Just going to have to wait and see, maybe do a little digging.
  11. It’s pretty unusual for Ifrit’s posts to be so obvious. I am not sure I like it or not. I guess it all depends on the line up.
  12. Anyone Else see the new Ifrit post? "Rumor says that we may face Weeds A raft where an oil slick feeds The dead awaken from their sleep And panic comes, when they creep" Creepshow?
  13. Been a long time “lurker” on these forums. This place is one of best sources for info for HHN. This is the first year that I can remember that I can’t even have an educated guess as to what houses are going to be here this year. Maybe 30 year anniversary house... And that’s about it... Maybe Hellraiser? I can’t even say that those are educated guesses. I know what I would like to see, but I don’t believe in getting my hopes up. (*Fingers crossed* Horror made here doesn’t return) I am also afraid that people “in the know” will be tight lipped after what happened last year (losing GoT... which I was super fine with) So I have a strong feeling information won’t be as easily available as previous years. What do you all think? Am I being to negative or realistic.
  14. Mine #1 Ghostbusters #2 Uni Monsters (Hollywood’s was awesome last year #3 Yeti #4 Stranger Things #5 Depths of Fear #6 Blood Pit #7 Graveyard #8 House of 1000 Corpses #9 Killer Klowns #10 Us
  15. I question some of your numbers. Although, I did find on a quick google search that US was the 3rd highest grossing movie of 2019 (so far) across all genres (as you stated). Us was #26 of all horror movies at 254 million internationally. The number 1 being IT at 325 million. IT made so much more sense to me. You have a sequel out this year, and they have a decent relationship with WB (passed houses/Scare-zone IPs and HP). Universal had the rights for it at one point for HHN28 early January. Horror made hear announced (around the same time) that they weren’t holding there event this year. I am going to rewatch US again, but I sorta get it, I guess 254 million and a good relationship with Blumhouse. I can definitely see why people aren’t happy about it. Oh well I am not an expert, I just try to follow the logic and sometimes I just can’t... again doesn’t matter if I can follow it or not.
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