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  1. Following this thread as I'm going to try and go to Knotts Scary Farm this year for the first time! Any tips and pointers? I've been crawling the 2018 thread as well. Looking forward to discussions with you all!
  2. Heh, I see what you did there. But I'm new to the board and HHN, so I'm just enjoying reading all the posts and getting insights and tips
  3. Oh man, I hope the rumour for Terror Tram being scratched is just a rumour. I've never got to experience it before and was planning to fully immerse myself in the HHN experience with a RIP tour!
  4. I definitely wish I could hit Delusion and The Willows. I wish a lot of these haunts could happen in the daytime (but I know, doesn't work!) so I could do them en route to HHN. Since I'll be Uber/Lyft-ing, going out towards Hollywood back and fort would be a little more pricey than I originally planned I'll keep these in my mind though! Thank you for the insights!
  5. Wow, thank you for your elaborate and quick responses, @bggrenville813 and @zombieman! I didn't think about more Halloween haunts! You guys are so well-knowledged in your recommendations, I'm totally blown away. I've never attended anywhere for Halloween and have such as short visit (flying down from Vancouver, Canada), so I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the fantastic options! Since I won't be driving and am staying in Garden Grove, are there any other recommendations you have for haunts or attractions near the area? This is so exciting, total bringing me ghoulish delight!
  6. Hi all! I'm just piggy-backing on this forum (or should I post to 2019?) I'm visiting Cali for Halloween season for the very first time, so excited! Will be going to DLR, HHN and KSF. I have done Universal's VIP tour and am really stoked that they offer it for HHN! I wanted to ask regarding the RIP tours: 1. Do you get early entry? Or is it a possible add-on? If so, is Hogsmeade open during that time and are you free to explore the park before you meet up with your group? 2. What are the typical nights historically that open for HHN? I'm going from 9/25-29 and am trying to pinpoint which days to do which park. 3. I heard that the park closes at 2AM? Do all the rides run till that late? 4. What were your personal favorites of your previous HHN RIP tour experiences? Thank you in advance!
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