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  1. Disclaimer - it wasn't just for me! But it was all great!
  2. I'll join in with my top 10! Got back to the UK last Sunday & did HHN 4 times whilst we were in Orlando. I'll start with houses... 1. Universal Monsters 2. Nightingales: Blood Pit 3. Graveyard Games 4. House of 1000 Corpses 5. Yeti: Terror of the Yukon 6. Us 7. Ghost Busters 8. Depths of Fear 9. Killer Klowns 10. Stranger Things I do think its worth saying though that every house was incredible in their own right, i loved the whole set design in Stranger Things and also in KKFOS but they just weren't my favourite. For scarezones... 1. Rob Zombie's Hellbilly Deluxe 2. Vanity Ball 3. Zombieland 4. Anarchade 5. Vikings Undead I think if they had put Vikings in a different location i would have enjoyed it much more, i love the design but always use it as a walk through and it always seems so busy. I know the same could be said for Rob Zombie, but the energy and the performances (Living Dead Girl in particular) were so energetic and i honestly just loved the vibe so much. I think its so interesting seeing where everyone else ranks their houses & scarezones and just goes to show how great the event really is when something that's number 1 on one persons list can be number 10 on someone else's. Hope everyone attending enjoys their last few nights!!
  3. This is so interesting and will be really helpful to a lot of people, thank you for your dedication & enjoy your Orlando trip, i fly out next Thursday!
  4. Have a great first night tonight for all of you who are going! Enjoy it and hopefully i'll see some of you there in 27 days!
  5. They're all amazing - thank you!
  6. I am so excited for this house, it's gone high up on my anticipation list!
  7. I feel like its been forever since there was an announcement!
  8. Me too! I'm really looking forward to it though
  9. I think we will be pleasantly surprised by KKFOS. I know people are worried about the sizing of costumes for the scares, but there is a lot of good set design to play around with and i can think of about 7 or 8 'human' characters off the top of my head too. The majority of people did really enjoy the SZ last year and i actually think there are ways they can make it scary, i know a lot of people have referenced Poltergeist, but even if you think back to American Werewolf in London or anything similar the movie wasn't great and there was a lack of characters but they still made it work, trust Universal!
  10. I think that would be a great option too! Yeah i agree, that sucks that you stopped attending! Hopefully they might come up with a way that will please everyone. Maybe even if it was limiting individual night ticket sales and reserving spaces for FF/RoF holders to attend. I guess its a difficult thing to manage, but i hope you decide to come back and enjoy - even with the crowds!
  11. Whilst i understand why you think this, for someone like me a price increase that dramatic would probably mean i'm no longer able to attend or would have to cut down the amount of nights i do attend. I travel from the UK every year and get a FF+E and spend £500+ ($630-ish) on flights alone. To then be spending another £500 on my tickets would mean that's £1000 ($1,300) before i've even eaten anything lol.
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