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  1. Same here in England - we're on total lock down! Hope you guys are all okay & keeping safe
  2. I think Creepshow too, and i hope so because the characters would be so cool in a house.
  3. My personal opinion is that I hope they don't theme the lagoon show around Billie Eilish, i really enjoyed MoM last year and it seems such a shame to turn something as amazing as it was into a teenage attraction.
  4. I will never be able to get the Dollhouse smell out of my nose, so bad
  5. I agree! i loved all the 80's themed stuff but i also don't want it to become like how is was with TWD, we'll see!
  6. Disclaimer - it wasn't just for me! But it was all great!
  7. I'll join in with my top 10! Got back to the UK last Sunday & did HHN 4 times whilst we were in Orlando. I'll start with houses... 1. Universal Monsters 2. Nightingales: Blood Pit 3. Graveyard Games 4. House of 1000 Corpses 5. Yeti: Terror of the Yukon 6. Us 7. Ghost Busters 8. Depths of Fear 9. Killer Klowns 10. Stranger Things I do think its worth saying though that every house was incredible in their own right, i loved the whole set design in Stranger Things and also in KKFOS but they just weren't my favourite. For scarezones... 1. Rob Zombie's Hellbilly Deluxe 2. Vanity Ball 3. Zombieland 4. Anarchade 5. Vikings Undead I think if they had put Vikings in a different location i would have enjoyed it much more, i love the design but always use it as a walk through and it always seems so busy. I know the same could be said for Rob Zombie, but the energy and the performances (Living Dead Girl in particular) were so energetic and i honestly just loved the vibe so much. I think its so interesting seeing where everyone else ranks their houses & scarezones and just goes to show how great the event really is when something that's number 1 on one persons list can be number 10 on someone else's. Hope everyone attending enjoys their last few nights!!
  8. This is so interesting and will be really helpful to a lot of people, thank you for your dedication & enjoy your Orlando trip, i fly out next Thursday!
  9. Have a great first night tonight for all of you who are going! Enjoy it and hopefully i'll see some of you there in 27 days!
  10. They're all amazing - thank you!
  11. Oooh that’s a commitment!
  12. I am so excited for this house, it's gone high up on my anticipation list!
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