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  1. At one point someone said one of the originals could sort of serve as an icon house. Do you think maybe there's a special character in the Nightingales house? That might explain not releasing a teaser video yet, trying to save the surprise of someone who appears in the house.
  2. I enjoyed both the Chance and Chucky scare zones, although admittedly for entirely different reasons. I love Chance too. So seeing her get that spotlight was great. I don't live in Florida so until last year with the BOGO I only got one night each year. The time I spent in the Chance in Hell scare zone, I spent listening to Chance talk to guests, or to herself. I enjoyed her arguing with herself on the speaker more than I should have. Although with only one night I wanted to make sure I got to see the icon (so far the last icon we've had). As for the Chucky scare zone last year, I watched Chucky insult people once, and it was fine. What I actually enjoyed about the scare zone was the other characters. I thought it was cool seeing what "toys" were brought to life in the scare zone. I also enjoyed the set pieces of the barrel of monkey and easy-bake-oven. It might have been Chucky's scare zone, but there were other characters and set pieces to discover without paying any attention to Chucky.
  3. Do announcements usually get postponed as often as they have this year? It seems like every few weeks there's going to be an announcement and then it get's postponed.
  4. I personally love the mixing of genres. I don't get scared, so when horror includes humor, it just adds something more to appreciate. My all time favorite movie is Scream because of how well the horror and comedy are intertwined without taking away from each other. When it comes to the houses at HHN I enjoy the comical houses as much as the pure horror houses. I loved Krampus because of how absurd it was, loved the little killer gingerbread men. I also believe at least one good aspect can be found in each house. Take Ghostbusters and Stranger Things for example. I'm not sold on Ghostbusters, I think it would be better as a scare zone as someone suggested a few pages back. Although I'm still looking forward to Ghostbusters (and Stranger Things) if for no other reason than to see how they manage to pull off both the stay puft marshmallow man and mind flayer in the same year. I'm the type that likes to look for the positive, even if the positive turns out to be just a "what not to do." I agree with you that the event should be both "fun" and bring the fear, and that keeping an open mind is important. You never know when a singular seemingly insignificant detail can standout to someone and become something more.
  5. I loved AOV's first show. The second was apparently shorted due to damage from the storm, but I still thought it was great (one of the highlights from my trip that year was getting to interact with one of the members as they were making their way to the stage). Last year though, I didn't care for their show as much. I think it was because of the setting. Bigger stage, needing a bigger "story" to go with the stage. It just didn't feel that same, didn't feel like it had the same audience participation, didn't feel like it had the same feeling of being part of the performance and right in the middle of the action. Nothing against AOV, I like them and would like them to return. I just hope they will return with the same feel of the first two years, and not so much the third. On a personal level, it didn't help that it was the first year without Bill and Ted and I couldn't help but think "this is what they think is worthy of replacing Bill and Ted?"
  6. I would like to see "PstchoScareapy: Unleashed" again. That was another one from HHN 25.
  7. Thanks. As soon as I read the announcement I was hoping phantom would be in it. With phantom used to being the centerpiece of the Horror Makeup Show and how much they still talk about phantom/Lon Chaney there I thought it would be a great opportunity to use him.
  8. Have any other classic monsters been conformed? Besides Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, the wolfman, mummy, and creature from the black lagoon? I don't visit every HHN related site so I think I might miss things.
  9. Has the Hunchback of Notre Dame been confirmed?
  10. The tweets are lines/lyrics from McBeth and Annie. Obviously, they are saying an announcement is tomorrow, but both sources are plays. Could tomorrow's announcement somehow have a connection to theater?
  11. Could the "products" possibly be something like a teaser video to go with the announcement?
  12. This made me think of Chevy Chase in the old SNL "Land Shark" sketches. I enjoy the comedy houses, but I think that would be too much.
  13. I've seen Ghostbusters mentioned on here a few times now. If it does happen, any idea on if it would be based off the original or the reboot? I hope it would be based off the original.
  14. With the announcement of Stranger Things being both seasons 2 and 3, would that disprove this possible list? Or would that just be considered a technicality and the list still be the IPs coming this year?
  15. Thank you all for the welcomes. It's pronounced Ka-blue like the color.
  16. Hey everyone. I have been visiting this site everyday day for a couple years, but never made an account because I felt like I didn't have anything to contribute to the speculation. I finally made an account the other day. The first year I attended HHN was HHN 21. I had no idea what to expect going into it, but one of the houses that stood out to me the most my first year going was Nightingales. I'm so excited it's getting a second house!
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