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  1. Live out of state, was already planning on going. The top three I was looking forward to are Ghostbusters, Stranger Things, and Universal Monsters. I liked Stranger Things the first year, and my cousin went with me last year so I was looking forward to what he thought of Stranger Things. I get what people say about the unknown being mysterious, anything can happen. I love the originals. Most years an original is my favorite. Last year my favorite was Depths of Fear. The year before was Slaughter Cinema. The first year I went was HHN 21, which was a great year for originals. So there's no hate towards originals from me, and if it were all originals I would still go. Although there's something comforting about seeing An American Werewolf in London or The Shinning or Insidious or even Krampus (which I loved that house) is going to be there and being able to say I know that movie. It's nice to know there's something you already have a connection to that is sorta like a safety blanket, if nothing else, I know this movie so there's a place for me. So I agree with comments above about a necessity for IPs to bring in out of state guests. IPs bring people in, originals keep them.
  2. I haven't been to any haunts here. I would like to go, but my friends either don't like haunts or are too busy. One of my cousins likes haunts. He goes to HHN with me every other year. Last year he took one of his sons to Nightmare forrest because he figured it's not as expensive as HHN and if his son couldn't handle it then he knows his son can't do HHN. He said he likes the Nightmare Forrest pulses people, that way the scare actors are ready and don't jump out too early or late. At HHN its a conga line (HHN will probably be pulsed this year though.) so sometimes you can miss a scare or see it get someone in front of you. Although HHN is more detailed than Nightmare Forrest. You'll love HHN. Congrats on getting to go this year.
  3. I live in Kentucky. I get an annual pass for Universal though. I get it every other year, I makes sure to get two falls out of it so that I get my money's worth.
  4. Yeah, I get that too. My supervisor will ask if I'm excited for Disney.
  5. Every year when I take vacation, my coworkers ask where I'm going and I say HHN. Every year without fail they ask what's HHN. After I explain it they're like oh yeah, that thing. At least I can come here to talk to people about HHN.
  6. Unless it has to do with a spoiler for the new movie, why would Invisible Man be considered too offensive?
  7. Do you think there could be more animatronics and puppets in the houses to help with social distancing? Not just for the guests safety, but the scare actors too.
  8. I don't think the option to only open outdoor shows and attractions is the way they'll choose to go. On Studios side; outside of Kang and Kodos, Fear Factor, and Animal Actors is there really anything thats an outside attraction where it's not a group of people standing clumped together?
  9. Not being able to be in groups is making me think of M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening.
  10. I'm sure this won't be the way the set up the movie, but what if it were a series of movies? Universal has been trying to make a shared universe for the UCM. What if you take the concept of a shared monsterverse, but make it fresh by having new (to the general public) characters. Each icon could have an origin movie, and then have an "Avengers like" movie that brings the icons together, similar to what Zombieman said.
  11. I saw this online a few weeks ago, and I guess this is as good a time to talk about it as any. Did anyone else see that Blumhouse might make a movie based off of HHN? Any thoughts on it?
  12. Here in Kentucky everything considered non-essential is being closed. Still logging on to this website at least every weekday to see if anything is going on.
  13. Wasn't Shrek not going to be used a couple years ago and then ended up being used? I'm thinking it was the year Halloween 4 was in Shrek, but I could be mistaken.
  14. What was supposed to happen with Peacock?
  15. Been MIA for awhile. Just read through the four pages. There's a lot I could talk about through all of that, but what stood out to me most was AHS. I like the show and the two houses HHN had, although is it back on the table? Last I heard Disney owns the rights after the Fox acquisition. I thought that made it off limits. Also, I forget who it was, but someone had a Beetlejuice house on their wishlist. Can we please go ahead and make that official? Everything else would be icing on the cake if there was a Beetlejuice house.
  16. What would you consider the "proper area"? I'm going in early October and will only have two nights. If I take the time to see this instead of going through a house or people watching in the zones I would like to know how to best experience it.
  17. I think I'm going to need to rewatch the movie before going. It's been a while since I've seen it.
  18. I think House of Fear was by far their best show. And I didn't like the forced audience participation either. What worked the first two years was feeling like you were part of it because you chose to be part of it. Having to watch for symbols to tell you what to do doesn't make you feel like you're part of it, it makes you feel like you're being told what to do and just accept it.
  19. Any chance the brand-new show could be titled "Bill and Ted's Brand-New Excellent Halloween Adventure"?
  20. The short description has me intrigued. Does anyone know any more info about using facebook messenger to learn about the history?
  21. My guess would be they have to be careful what they do with the front gate since it stays up the entire time and they want to remain family friendly during the day. I think they could do more than what they've been doing, but might not want to risk it.
  22. I was thinking the same thing about it being so quiet. I think part of it could be how long this house was rumored it could have possibly taken some of the initial excitement out of it. On my part I hadn't said any about the announcement because I'm still trying to decide what I think about the potential of this house. A&D is great and can find the potential in any property. I usually look forward to this house, although I have some concerns about this one. The scare zone was fine, it wasn't my favorite last year, but it was good for what it was. I'm concerned about it's translation to a house though. It already felt like a tight fit in Sting Alley, and being moved into a house will feel even tighter. I'm worried if the size of the costumes could negatively affect the house. I'm thinking the scares might have to come from victims more than the klowns themselves. I just feel like this is on the lower end of my anticipation list.
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