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  1. What would you consider the "proper area"? I'm going in early October and will only have two nights. If I take the time to see this instead of going through a house or people watching in the zones I would like to know how to best experience it.
  2. I think I'm going to need to rewatch the movie before going. It's been a while since I've seen it.
  3. I think House of Fear was by far their best show. And I didn't like the forced audience participation either. What worked the first two years was feeling like you were part of it because you chose to be part of it. Having to watch for symbols to tell you what to do doesn't make you feel like you're part of it, it makes you feel like you're being told what to do and just accept it.
  4. Any chance the brand-new show could be titled "Bill and Ted's Brand-New Excellent Halloween Adventure"?
  5. The short description has me intrigued. Does anyone know any more info about using facebook messenger to learn about the history?
  6. My guess would be they have to be careful what they do with the front gate since it stays up the entire time and they want to remain family friendly during the day. I think they could do more than what they've been doing, but might not want to risk it.
  7. I was thinking the same thing about it being so quiet. I think part of it could be how long this house was rumored it could have possibly taken some of the initial excitement out of it. On my part I hadn't said any about the announcement because I'm still trying to decide what I think about the potential of this house. A&D is great and can find the potential in any property. I usually look forward to this house, although I have some concerns about this one. The scare zone was fine, it wasn't my favorite last year, but it was good for what it was. I'm concerned about it's translation to a house though. It already felt like a tight fit in Sting Alley, and being moved into a house will feel even tighter. I'm worried if the size of the costumes could negatively affect the house. I'm thinking the scares might have to come from victims more than the klowns themselves. I just feel like this is on the lower end of my anticipation list.
  8. I think it means the people who designed the Swamp Yeti section of the Slaughter Sinema house also designed this house.
  9. I thought they scrapped Tooth Fairy because having Dwayne Johnson in both Tooth Fairy and Fast and Furious Supercharged in the same park would be too overwhelming and powerful enough to cause a disturbance in the space-time continuum.
  10. I've would love a Beetlejuice house and have been wanting one. Or even a scarezone. Or a show. I would be thrilled and love anything Beetlejuice. But I figured WB wouldn't allow anything more than Beetlejuice walking around the park during the day since they started Horror Made Here.
  11. I feel like if they really wanted to, all four seasons could have had their own house. I don't see two seasons needing to be combined so the final season could stand alone. Let me preface this by saying I love Strangers Things. The following thoughts are not intended to say anything negative about Stranger Things. I wonder/hope the reason they combined seasons 2 and 3 is because they are trying to get through Stranger Things so that they can move on to another Netflix property quicker: The Haunting of Hill House. I like Stranger Things better than Hill House, but in all honesty, Hill House feels like a better fit for HHN. I love watching Stranger Things and enjoyed the house last year, but Hill House has so much potential that HHN could use to make a truly great house. Not just recreating scenes from the first season, but even the facade would be great. It's like the show was made to lend itself perfectly to HHN. As much as I love Stranger Things I think Hill House would be the better choice and fit for HHN out of Netflix properties.
  12. I just finished it too. I think between seasons 2 and 3 there's plenty of material to make a good house.
  13. So we should go back to HHN 26 and get Leatherface after you?
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