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  1. Yea I believe i overdid the spoiler tag and I was more accustomed to the older highlight the spoiler type than this new one, it does make it really clunky when I was reading it on the topic. I may try to nix the whole mild spoilers and actually just have the spoilers on full blast. Plus writing right between naps didn't really help either.
  2. So I believe I wrote many event reviews in the past maybe for most or all years since like the years of 09 and 2010 so I feel a small obligation to write my thoughts even if my head is a jumble mess because how amazing most houses and some parts of the event that I'm still very confused about and hopefully it gets better over time or that I can adjust to it. Yet I'll try my best to share my opinion as much as I can for the wandering eyes and fellow hhn fans to see what they can't miss. Yet I don't know if I can post all my elongated opinions all at once and sadly I only missed one crucial part of the event: Bill and Ted (which of course making it top priority to see it tonight) so I will Edit this post or add along this thread. About Spoilers: I posted this as having mild spoilers but I may use more spoilers to further describe my thought of a particular house or zone but i will use spoiler tags like so as for the mild spoilers it would be really simple small ones nothing that would fully describe a particular scene of the house or a detail more along the lines of why I believe why this house/scarezone/show/previous incarnation may be better or worse than the others in event. If you want very limited to no spoilers I have often put my top houses and zones near the end of the topic. Before the rankings of zones and houses, their are very few things I would like to state about the event itself. Employee Preview is a rehearsal: There was many things missing and aren't fully completed so have I done the event entirely their would be effects and props I have yet not seen like Also scareactors has to grow into their roles in order to achieve their full potential so my thoughts can change time after time. Also these are my first thoughts on either my first run or my second or third walkthrough a particular house so I may not see all the details just yet. Opening Moment/Opening Scareamony: The opening of this year alike the two previous years before it starts right before people allow in through the gate and it isn't long but like the one before it made my blood curling. The moment is But actually felt last year's might be better incomparison but it's still leaves the impact and I just wish I can experience it from Stay and Scream. The Event's Overall Music: You may be asking out of everything in the event why do I dedicate a section of it to just the music in-between the houses and zones? But because of it truly may being distracting and pulling me away from the feel of the event every time I have to move to a different cluster of houses. So why was it distracting was it too loud? was I getting too old? I wish that was the case. Too much synth or too repetitive? Maybe repetitive but probably not the case. Then what is it? A huge chunk of it is dedicated to dubstep. You may think it's like a remix of classic horror music or themes being they have Freddy, Jason, Insidious, TWD, and classic monsters themes and soundtrack they can compile of but nope it's truly "party" style of dubstep while splicing in Jack the Clown saying "It's me Jack." Their are few parts of it changing to a carnival style music but then cuts back to dubstep and in year's past we get horror soundtrack themes or somewhere alike but yes this very much threw me off as much as when TWD theme kept being over played in 2013. So it truly ruins the feel and hope we get use to it or that you are dubstep fan or it changes real soon. Now to the Scarezones. Scary Tales: Scream Punk: The concept sounding great I had some hopes to see goreful steampunk versions of classics like the 2008 scarezones but it felt more of Fractured Tales taste but not as varied as the Fractured Tales, not many scareactors and not much area they can spread themselves in. Some characters are interesting to look at but the scares are lacking but I don't blame the actors I actually blame the lighting as this zone is very bright and I don't understand why as for the actors it's hard to sneak up on the guests when the sun seems to be out. The characters are mostly based on Disney Fairy Tales than more anything else and the few that aren't seemed that one of them has been recycled before. The only atmosphere other than the lighting and the projected gears is that it's easily the worst looking scarezone of the year but the actors and the look themselves may be the only reason to watch this scarezone. This is ranked #4 on the scarezone list Psychoscarepy Unleashed: The best scarezone hands down not only theirs amazing effects like the burning gazebo but theirs mini shows in the small stages showing the insanity of the inmates. The maniacs are already doing their best on the streets almost every scareactor has a different look to them. You can see there are many small details showing the party side and yet the insanity side of a town going into chaos like The music that is blasting is halloween music classics so for me it's actually an amazing halloween block party that I would love spending time in. Of course this is ranked #1 on the scarezone list. Icons-HHN: Even though I adore the characters and it's a great photo op. The characters surrounding it aren't really broad along the years and brought sorta low tear icons as the scareactors like So they left off many characters that I thought should be present in 25th anniversary aren't here and gave us not much to work with. Also will love to point out that someone in my group told me that the music in this zone is from Lord of The Rings movies. Also only saw Usher's kill and it wasn't much impressed by it and hope the other icons are more iconic. Yes pun included. It's dark and foggy but no scares as yet to be have. Ranked #5 on this list.All Night DIE-In: Double Feature: The characters all look very much like their movie counterpart it's like a photo op but they are actually trying as they aren't stuck on a stage and has full range. Both casts seem amazing for scares and literally laughed when Chucky scared a huge group. The projection was kinda of hard to see but from what I hear a really good montage. Sadly there isn't around but there are some new additions that I loved seeing and the zone itself was fantastic to see. Ranked #3 on the list. Evil's Roots: Probably the best scarezone that ever resided in only Central Park (meaning not included Schoolhouse) it has a little bit of everything in the zone in classic halloween style. The claustrophobia actually works well with the zone so much fog and amazing lighting causes great scares. The look of every character is really amazing and if only they had one or two different halloween type character i would truly enjoy this zone and put it maybe even higher than it is right now. Also it's amazing seeing returned for this zone. Ranked #2 on the scarezone list. That's my honest opinions of the zones I will post an update for the houses. Needing to get ready for today's opening night. I may post today or tomorrow but check back, I would love to know what you think of the review thus far and any creative suggestions will be helpful and be heard.
  3. For this being my ninth year attending the event, seeing all the previous alternate shows (shows not being B&T) over the years I do enjoy some more than others and always wanted this type of show to come back but after I watch their first show I'm 100% sure that this is the best secondary show of all time! I had to thank the show's director right after the show because it was so damn amazing and told him that it was the best. I saw both "hhn original shows" Carnival of Carnage (in the event) and the Arrival (on youtube many of times) but nothing got this pure awesome than this show. This is truly a shared Jack and Chance show, the show really represents their persona and builds upon that with their interaction on the show. Also for comic lovers Jack and Chance truly have the Joker and Harley Quinn relationship they even name drop the word harlequin and puddin' so if anyone wondered how a Joker and Chance can act in real life without the shackles of much censorship this may be your chance. Every joke is hilarious theirs many references to maybe almost every icon (Even one that they can't even show on a shirt) the event itself, even an infamous ride, internet forum trolls gotta love that, and so much more. All the ways they kill off their victims even with the ones that we've seen before on stage all gets a fun tune up and everything got much better in this version and the new ways to kill is hilarious and grotesque. Yes I'm mighty scared if guests or media tones the whole show down so that's why I advise you and every hhn fan alike to watch this show immediately and many times over because this is truly one of the biggest highlight of the event it's even more entertaining than most houses.
  4. The Jack Lanyards this year cost 10 bucks, pretty sure they cost less in previous years (remembering the last one being 8 dollars) but discounts now apply. Hopefully I don't have to pay more for each item this year.
  5. I will be making a thread for my review it consists of my review of all that I will encounter that night. I will try for everything but it depends on how my luck is. I'll answer how lines were but they can be much different than other dates. It will be spoiler-full and spoiler free versions of the night with my current list of favorite to least favorite both houses and scarezones. I have done some for years past.
  6. I believe this is the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1642951779303907/
  7. They say Employee Preview is the one day of the year with the most Team Member terminations mostly due to underage drinking and other drunk dumb acts also has discounted alcohol so the few and the dumb abuse it. Employee Preview is like the whole event just know anything can change, most times its whether an effect in a house test run and see if it can handle the night or jokes in Bill and Ted that may get cut or altered so it's fun being in the final development stage before the start. I've seen many changes through this night and first weekend so try as much as you can. Being able to go to my 8th EP is an amazing privilege. So some words of advice, act as noble as you can because you may not know that your supervisor is near and see as much as you can in every aspect so be early at the gate.
  8. With Unmasking the Horror, for the people who have done it, are the tour guides very knowledgeable in the event and can scope out every easter egg and detail about all the houses or not really and just show people the barebones of each scene for photo ops? I'm really deciding on my limited income whether to buy this or get more merchandise. Just wanting to know if after the tour if I actually learn and appreciate the house more or just got many awesome pictures, I just hope for both. Also I still have this question so I'm guessing I'll give it another shot.
  9. I'm pretty sure she'll make an amazing appearance as usual since she's been killing it since her debut as Honey Boo Boo.
  10. Well of course myself but that's why i thought that LT/HU had a pretty good following and story to it.
  11. My Top 9 Anticipated House Line Up: 1. Body Collectors: Recollections 2. Freddy Vs. Jason 3. Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem 4. Run: Blood, Sweat, and Fears 5. Insidious 6. Asylum in Wonderland 3D 7. The Purge 8. American Werewolf in London 9. The Walking Dead: The Living and The Dead Scarezone: 1. Psychoscareapy: Unleashed 2. All Nite Die-In: Double Feature 3. Icons: HHN 4. Scary Tales: ScreamPunk 5. Evil Roots
  12. Runnin' with the Devil was used in Zombiegeddon's Queue video. I would love if Run to the Hills being used though.
  13. Yes of course your right about that but maybe something that ties the famous original houses like Body Collectors and Psychoscarephy to Carey OH like maybe their isn't only one Shadybrooke maybe this one that we would be entering is the original and theirs a franchise of Shadybrooke mental hospitals all around this fictional United States. Maybe I'm reading too deep into it but being the first merged storyline house (that I can think of right now) maybe it'll start doing this more frequently as by concept alone, will most likely be a success. Besides not so long ago we were trying to put every house and scarezone's characters IP and Original into one of the six legions of horror for LT. So maybe they want to say that all of these events may happen in one weird dimension. Or this all just wishful thinking that we would have more mashed houses in the future.
  14. This is my possible last strike on the 3D Houses if this amazing concept doesn't do 2008 scarezone to justice I'll be plenty disappointed. Probably make all possible future 3D houses my least anticipated it's worse than having TWD back. But it seems they put the Ultra Violent Comic Brand in showing that this will be different. Hope some costumes come back and also that strobe disco ball. So I'm on the fence on this one.
  15. All I'm saying the older, the better I don't want every anniversary to be just repeat scenes of few years ago and maybe one scene from the 90's if we are lucky. I want the Classic Monsters in how they were represented in Dungeon of Terror, Would love to see Demon Cantina or Ghost Town, something that would make it amazing to see how far HHN has come. Not saying we shouldn't have any recent ones for the new fans but I'm not impressed for seeing a scene in a house 3 years ago than one a decade ago. Would make it amazing to see a broad range of scenes unlike Hallowed Past. We brought a whole House that was three years old so we should vary in the years. But because of that I'm anticipated for this house because of just the possibility.
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