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  1. I got that impression. That would have been so good. Can't wait, only 400 days to go!
  2. Only 413 days to go! Let the speculation begin!!
  3. Hey did we talk about the 3 months free Florida resident passes yet? I am dying to get them before HHN so I can start looking for clues!
  4. I will wear my gas mask to the event if I have to, I'm dead serious. (As long as the employees can remain safe.)
  5. I keep trying to browse the merch but the site is having a melt down.
  6. I said this before in the thread but I haven't stopped working yet and they are slowly cutting my hours more and more. We are getting no support from the government so we HAVE to go back to work, this includes people working at HHN.
  7. With the lapse in HHN updates and all the speculation this is their time to make a move! I mean people in Tampa already have worse diseases than covid, this should be easy.
  8. Is this Busch Gardens' chance to over take HHN with a all-new Howl-O-Scream??
  9. I live 20 minutes away from Universal an, although I was coming anyway, Ghostbusters last year was on the very top of my anticipation list.
  10. Sorry to hear about what's going on in your personal life but nothing concrete announced yet. Lots of people either really happy or really mad Billie Eilish is involved.
  11. Universal is replying to people asking for announcements on Twitter asking for permission to use their tweets. Could this be for an upcoming official announcement?
  12. I thought it would be fun to take some video of CityWalk for those who haven't been. No commentary it's not a VLOG just some video. This might give you an idea of what the crowd control looks like as of this week.
  13. I just applied to work at Universal as an inspector. They are still hiring even during the layoffs. Wish me luck on that front. Edit: I didn't get the job.
  14. I have no insider information but UO would be crazy not to sell HHN themed masks. I'd almost be willing to bet my ticket money on it.
  15. I don't know about you guys but I live in Orlando and even my coworkers are surprised I went to Disney twice a month when I had a Florida resident pass. If I paid this good money for it I'm using it.
  16. Breaking HHN news: I've had HHN wallpapers on my work desktop for a year and my coworkers have accepted it as not strange anymore.
  17. If masks are still optional I'll wear one, no big deal to me.
  18. Once my UV injections start working none of this will matter anyway.
  19. If wearing a mask at night is a deal breaker for you - toughen up.
  20. I took the survey too and I think it it auto generates more questions based on your answers.
  21. Whoops that's what I meant! Holding off for a spring HHN!
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