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  1. I think the acting is close enough for me.
  2. The part in the hallway where the candles get blown out is very scary in my opinion.
  3. I like to IRONICALLY enjoy the music and everyone seems to be having a good time.
  4. Across from Mel's Die-In there's a big viewing area roped off. You'll know it when you see it! I went in a group of two girls and we assumed a train position for each house. The taller of the two in front of me with my arms around her, and the smaller one behind me holding on to my back pack with her eyes mostly closed. I have been to HHN nearly 20 times and last night my group got hammered harder than I have ever experienced. We had a giant bull's eye on us the whole night. The Klownzilla wasn't moving and the big red nose was broken off last night around 8pm when we went though it along with a LOT of missing scare actors.
  5. I avoided the scarezones so much I didn't even see the doctor parts.
  6. I went through this house around 12:30 tonight and the actors had my group pinned quite a few times. I like how tight the maze it, there's no place to run to.
  7. Night two for America's Sweetheart (me). Ghostbusters was amazing. Worth the 50 minute wait, maybe the best house of all time even better than Poltergeist. The effects, the settings, the actors were beyond what I could even imagine. Live actors doing lines and improve, a certain 'buster gave me a high five at the end. Killer Klowns is already showing wear and tear (I noticed a key prop was broken tonight) and I missed a lot of scares I remember from the first night. After seeing it again, if you aren't a fan of the movie already I don't see a new comer understanding anything about this house. House of a 1000 Corpses was way better than I thought it was going to be. The scares are the end were fast and the group I was with was getting blasted. The facade was worth admission to see once. Universal Movie Monsters was much better on the second night with the Mummy room's actors in perfect sync. Made my group pinball around the room perfectly. Blood Pit is my sleeper hit of the year. I felt trapped in a complete nightmare. The houses don't scare me at all but towards the end I was feeling dread like I needed to escape. Something about how tight the maze is. A must-go house so far. Depth of Fear was terrible. Lots and lots of empty boo holes. I actually saw a group of (what appeared to be) managers in the house in a group looking very angry. The group I was with was very disappointed. Graveyard Games is a such a simple concept they nailed. The creative team knows how to make a graveyard and zombies so this is an easy home run house that just works. Marathon of Mayhem is excellent, watch it once if you can make it to the proper area. I walked through Zombieland with a group of new people tonight and they didn't even realize it was a scare zone.
  8. I do not remember the movie that well, and I imagine that's what happened in the film. I don't think it translated well as a scarezone gag. We all knew it was about to be New Years because someone told use CONSTANTLY.
  9. Did you have on super bring pink eye shadow and was on the left side of the gates on opening night? Anyway, Killer Klowns might have been the biggest missed opportunity of any house I've seen so far. Let me preface by saying I really enjoyed this house, but let me explain. The buzz about the Klowns was really huge this year. People were lining up to take photos with them outside the house, and the middle-aged guy behind me in line talked about how much he enjoyed the movie having recently seen it for the first time. I listened to the Killer Klowns song by the Dickies twice on the way to HHN, I was pumped. SPOILERS FOR THE REST OF THIS POST. The opening scene was spot on. We are outside in the city with the projection of Shorty and the "knock your block off" scene in shadow. The moving trash cans with with no Klown as a good scare and it looked realistic. The next couple gags were quick hits from the movie, with the puppet sheriff being particularly good. None of them were scary or surprising. Just lots of "hey I remember that part from the movie, pretty cool" then on to the next one. Once we got in the ship I think it just felt like they ran out of time. I thought the plywood floors and walls were true to how the real movie sets were made but a lot of scares involved the actors stomping on plywood floors to make noise. Compared to Graveyard Games this wasn't even on the same level. The Klowns aren't scary they are funny in my opinion and the hallway with the GATs should have been the whole rest of the house. The ending scene with all the Klowns in a twisting line was fun but went by so fast. Why the hell didn't the song loop properly? It just cuts off in the middle of a verse and repeats! If they iron out some of these bugs and do some changes I think this house could be fantastic it just didn't work for me without my nostalgia and desire to enjoy it. I was talking to a couple in line behind me and they thought it was supposed to be based on IT!
  10. I feel like Killer Klowns was suffering from opening night bugs and will get better in the upcoming weeks. I went to Universal Movie Monsters at rope drop and my last house at 12:30. I saw an improvement already.
  11. This would be a better zone with more area to spread out. Have to see it once a visit.
  12. I can't believe this is the best scare zone this year. Zero amount of scare, but at least it's fun. Robert Zombie is so uncreative to me but other people seem to enjoy it.
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