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  1. Just some photos from today! Lots of video and my experience to post later. I am beat! https://imgur.com/a/nI22IQj
  2. What a great day! I took lots of footage to upload to YouTube later.
  3. Out of the two houses this is the one I anticipate the most.
  4. I do but I am going again this week with my DSLR not just my iPhone. I'll post them here!
  5. Little iPhone video of the Frakenmold machine for those who haven't seen it yet.
  6. ALL SHALL BE REVEALED! Or if you want spoilers: A Frankenstein's Monster wax figure machine and some new merch.
  7. Cool new stuff at the Tribute Store this weekend. I'm going Wed I'll take some pictures to post here.
  8. I got that impression. That would have been so good. Can't wait, only 400 days to go!
  9. Only 413 days to go! Let the speculation begin!!
  10. Hey did we talk about the 3 months free Florida resident passes yet? I am dying to get them before HHN so I can start looking for clues!
  11. I will wear my gas mask to the event if I have to, I'm dead serious. (As long as the employees can remain safe.)
  12. I keep trying to browse the merch but the site is having a melt down.
  13. I said this before in the thread but I haven't stopped working yet and they are slowly cutting my hours more and more. We are getting no support from the government so we HAVE to go back to work, this includes people working at HHN.
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