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  1. Marketing has never worked on me, which is why I live in a hole in the ground with a potato sack for clothing.
  2. No speculation really but I would like a chainsaw scarezone replaced with another Killer Klowns zone.
  3. Actually to be honest you can't live in the Universal parking garage, they kick you out at 3am. As someone who has lived in a van I can confirm this.
  4. I decided to not renew my Disney Florida Resident pass so I can book a RIP tour this year. I've been on Haunted Mansion at least 40 times this year, I need a break.
  5. I thought the 28 had an 80s theme because of Vamp 85 (my favorite HHN-related thing ever). 29 being 80s theme made no sense to me other than there happened to be two houses set in the 80s and some neon lights in a scare zone. No 80s music, no 80s theme overall.
  6. Just checking out some HHN stuff today!
  7. That HHN food looks so gross!!
  8. I spent this season with different online groups and basically ran out of "social media" time when it came to this one an IU. The Facebook groups are useless and I will mute them next year.
  9. I stop listening to any HHN podcast where the hosts struggle to remember simple trivia like what the houses were last year or what the names of this year's scare zone are. Just write them down if you're making a podcast!
  10. Vamp 85 was an anchor for me last year. No matter where I was going I'd cut through Killer Klowns then Vamp for a good time. Now I avoid parts of the park because they are too packed (Hellbilly) or just boring (Zombieland).
  11. This year just seemed so off to me. I waited all year for this and I've gone 12 times, it's just so lacking.
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