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  1. Maze for the 2008 HHN Scarezone: "Apocalypse: City of Cannibals" Title to be announced: The cannibal humanoids as you know, were once experiments back in the 60's to the 90's, for medical research along with testing new serums to cure diseases. After months of torture and failed tests, these humanoids were disposed of into the sewers when presumed dead. But the humanoids never died. After they awoke, they grew to hate the surface world. But wanted nothing to do with them either. For decades, after being organized, they dwelled within the sewers, subway tunnels, anywhere isolated and underground, and attacked and fed on people who dared enter their dwellings. Then suddenly, the humanoids would have their revenge against the surface world. On a sunny afternoon, the biggest earthquake of all, superseding the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 struck not only California, but the entire West Coast of the U.S., Mexico and Canada. All cities and towns had been totally devastated, with little to no law and order from the police and national guard, gangs and looters were pillaging in the ruins and ruling over. But things were about to get worse. The humanoids had finally had the chance to rise out of the underground. The humanoids had armed themselves and slaughtered the humans of the surface world with no mercy. Now, the humanoids will reign supreme and go on the hunt for the remaining people still alive.
  2. Hello all! Just wanted to post my idea, a sequel to "Depths of Fear." Parts of this maze is inspired by the 80's film "Leviathan" Please feel free to post any ideas you may have for this maze. Depths of Fear (T.B.A.)- After the collapse of the Deep Sea Mining Base owned by FATHOM CORP. and the deaths of the personnel on board in the Pacific Ocean, somewhat near Japan and the P.R.C. (People's Republic of China), the true origins of the "Mouthbrooders" are revealed. As the U.S. government is very much aware of what happened to the mining base (but keeping it in secret from the public and most government officials) when they had tracked the calls for help from the mining base, they wanted to get to the bottom as to what exactly happened in the mining base. From what little evidence was left at the site of the collapsed of the mining base, the Department of Defense was able to obtain samples of the corpses of the personnel along with some organisms of the mouthbrooders, but wanted to know where it exactly the mouthbrooders came from. They suddenly had their answer. After tracking organisms with the same cells of mouthbrooders, they had found a shipwreck belonging to the People's Liberation Army Navy, where they had found many pieces of evidence related to the mouthbrooders. As they took the evidence back to secretly the biggest, more powerful and advanced submarine of the U.S. Navy (name T.B.A.), they had discovered that the mouthbrooders were actually a Cold War experiment, a weapon created by a secret division for biological warfare of the People's Liberation Army. The evidence points out that on the ship that held the mouthbrooders was the site of an outbreak of the mouthbrooders, killing and infecting the crew. It was a test to see how the mouthbrooders would do against a nation's navy fleet. It had succeeded and was later bombed by the People's Liberation Army Air Force (or Navy) to stop the outbreak further and to cover up any evidence. After the evidence was passed onto the higher command in the Pentagon, the Pentagon had wanted to keep and further weaponize the mouthbrooders for naval warfare. So the crew, reluctant and frightened, stored the mouthbrooders in containment and under guard. Things were about to get worse. One of the crew aboard the submarine was a mole or a spy for the Russian Armed Forces, as they too wanted the weapon and searched for it. After a tense standoff, the mouthbrooders were accidentally released within the submarine, attacking the crew and overwhelming the security personnel. After a distress call is sent out, the Pentagon orders the deployment of U.S. Navy Seals to obtain the weapon and cover up any evidence. As the Seals breach the sub, they must fight against both the mutated personnel, moutbrooders and the Spetsnaz (Russian Special Forces) (who are ordered to retrieve the weapon) in a bloody and isolated fight.
  3. Hellship: In 1943, during the Second World War, a famous and luxurious cruise liner that has departed from Belfast, North Ireland sails across the Atlantic to the United States. Eventually, on the way to the U.S., the ship is sunk by the German Navy despite the captain and crew signaling that they are a civilian ship. As news spreads to the entire world that the famous cruise ship has been sunk, the world mourns for the loss of the people aboard the ship and vows to avenge the lives lost during the war. The ship now has sunk to a watery grave. Or so you think. Present-Day: The Coast Guard gets a call that a cruise liner has strayed too close to the docks of NYC without warning. The Coast Guard finds out that this ship isn't modern and is vacant. Or so they think. As they board the ship, they suddenly realize that this ships crew and passengers had not perished during the Second World War. These once civilized and sane passengers have become insane blood-thirsty tribes fighting each other.The interior of the ship are now bloody battlegrounds between the tribes who fight for food and dominance. Psycho city: In 1979, an experiment for biological warfare is commenced under the name "Project White Rabbit" by the U.S. military. This weapon is a hallucinogenic drug that drives the enemy crazy and to kill each other. It is executed by dumping the drug into the water supply in a small town in Utah. The results are successful. As well as any evidence and reports of what happened covered up by the government. Despite a congressional hearing about the controversial biological weapons programs taking place, the drug is used in some places in the world for tests, in remote locations and smaller towns or villages. Present-day: The government then decided to launch a more improved and deadlier drug: "Project Rorschach", and executed the same method, dumping the drug into the water supply of a major city, akin to the size of Orlando, St. Louis, or New Orleans, for testing purposes. The citizens of this city go insane, start to kill each other in heinous acts of violence. The police are overwhelmed, and the National Guard have failed to stop this outbreak of violence. The city is in total chaos, and is now under quarantine.
  4. (T.B.A.) Werewolf Apocalypse: In 1981, the same year that "An American Werewolf in London" was released, a rash of murders and attacks ravaged the country side, the towns, cities and London. Who are the culprits? Werewolves. The Royal Armed Forces, and police tried to stop the madness consuming all of the U.K., but to no avail. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, requested by the British government, conducts some operations into the UK to fight off the lycanthropes, but are there for mostly evacuating citizens. As the UK fell apart, N.A.T.O. and the remnants of the Royal Government evacuated to the United States. The U.K. quickly became overrun by the lycans, hostile factions arose grabbing any land not occupied by the lycans. The N.A.T.O. quarantined the entire island nation of the U.K. from the world, mining the ocean as well as issuing a shoot to kill order for anyone entering or leaving the U.K. This event rattled the world, but eventually, it has been forgotten by many. Present-day: After years had passed, it is decided to monitor, internally the long-forgotten situation in the U.K. With the consent of the remaining U.K. government, N.A.T.O has ordered a U.S. special forces unit to recon the wastelands of the U.K. When they arrive, they find out that the situation hasn't gotten any better. Not only do the lycans hunt the remaining humans, but hostile factions as well as a somewhat resurgent government has taken over London and whatever areas are left. In short, the U.K. is a Mad-Max type of environment.
  5. @themazethinker, actually, I didn't plan to have the title named fallout shelter, that was actually what the setting would be. As for the plot (which I'll have to read again), it is a much more in-depth and more detailed plot.
  6. Fallout shelter (T.B.A.): As the Cuban Missile Crisis was close to heating up in 1962, the government gave the order to evacuate certain higher-ups of the United States Armed Forces to seek shelter in the fallout shelters made to live in for years, if not, decades. These shelters were specifically created to house the elite of the armed forces along with their families, the brightest scientists, and civilians contracted to the government. The shelters were similar to a colony, which would be underground, have its own defense force to fight off surviving hostiles, sleeping quarters, rec rooms, as well as laboratories to reproduce plants, animals as well as to find ways to increase survival in humans. This colony was created in order to start anew when nuclear warfare broke out. But, cooler heads prevailed and the missile crisis was resolved. The government ordered all the colonies to leave the shelters. All but one shelter complied. A over-zealous commander, in charge of his colony lied to his fellow colonists that the world had ended and it was time to prepare to start anew. As the years went by, the colonists were never allowed outside, were fed lies, and were oppressed by the commander and his loyal soldiers. Those who questioned him were either imprisoned, executed or subject to torture. Things had taken a turn for the worse. The scientists became crazed, created controversial, and grotesque experiments when they were supposed to create things to survive the fallout, as well as experimenting on prisoners who spoke out against the commander. Present-day. A group of trouble makers, fraternity boys from a university finds the shelter, get drunk and wander off into the shelter, only to never leave again. A state-trooper patrolling the highways, spots the vehicle the frat boys took and goes to investigate. He never left the shelter alive as well. Now, journey into the shelter and come face to face with the hostile colonists.
  7. Sequel to Scarecrow: The Reaping: In the near-future, the world is close to being exhausted of natural resources, as well as changes in the climate. Storms, tornadoes, and tsunamis ravage the world as well as the second dustbowl, tearing apart the breadbasket of America: Nebraska. Corn stalks have been torn apart by the dust storms, the cattle dying of breathing in too much dust, as well as rendering the once-fertile lands into nothing but dust. Things take a turn for the worst when the governments of the world launch a satellite made to stop volatile weather, and it malfunctions making the dust storms bigger and dangerous than ever before. A major corporation takes over the growing wastelands of the breadbasket by oppressing the local farmers and citizens with brutality by the security forces sanctioned by the government, as well as taking any remaining crops to store, and to clone and keep for themselves and the wealthy. It is then the scarecrows arise once more to take back what is rightfully theirs, killing anyone who stands in their way.
  8. Here's a preview of my ideas for the Slaughter Sinema sequel! "Demon Disco Massacre" Synopsis: Deep in the heart of NYC, during the funkadelic 70's, one of the most extravagant disco nightclubs sits atop an ancient burial ground infested with demons is under siege by demons who crawl out from the ground, tearing everyone and everything up. "Parasites" Synopsis: In an underground military base that conducts unorthodox experiments, the U.S. military had thought they perfected the ultimate weapon to end any war within hours. They thought they could control it. They were wrong. Now the parasites have taken over the military personnel by spewing vomit green acid as well as controlling their minds. "Slash 'N' Rave" Synopsis: In 1995, young adults throw an illegal rave party at the abandoned Hellgate Prison, but are killed off by mysterious men in gas masks and rain coats. "(T.B.A.) basement" Synopsis: In a house complete with a basement, lies savage cannibals that terrorize the homeowners and friends within the basement. "Swarm of the Mobee's" Synopsis: Fired from his job, a genetics scientist creates the worst hybrid insect ever to exist in the world. The Mobee! Genetic splicing of a mosquito and bee, but when combined, are very deadly, bigger and faster. This crazed scientist releases his vile creation onto the city of Carey (or different city) in swarms biting and stinging the unfortunate citizens making them bloated and filled with venom. "Savage Coal- Miners on a subway" (WIP) Synopsis: In 1955, a group of coal miners were working on excavating the tunnels for coal until the whole mine collapsed. All but one group survived during the collapse. The trapped coal miners screamed for help, but no one came for them. They were soon driven mad and vowed that if they were to ever leave, they will kill all who pass through their tunnels.The incident was covered up and the tunnels would now be used for a subway system in the growing city. In 1985, during Rush Hour in the city of Carey, the subway system is under attack by the long-forgotten crazed coal miners who chop up and kill the commuters with their pick axes. "Cybergeddon"- Synopsis: During the rise of the Cybernet Corporation, the A.I. has a glitch in the system and starts to destroy humanity by an launching all out war with unmanned military drones, as well as killer cyborgs. Those who are captured are turned into cyborgs in a most painful and gruesome way. "Moth"- Synopsis: During a family (or a town) and heavily-lit BBQ outside, groups of humanoid moths start to attack the citizens by sucking their blood and tearing them apart. "(T.B.A.)"- killer santa claus Synopsis: Santa Claus has had enough of getting little to no appreciaton for delivering gifts, eventually he starts to become psychotic and attack the sleepy town of Carey, bringing forth a night of terror.
  9. Twilight59, and DocNiktMarr, great ideas you have! If you think of any more, let me know!
  10. UO and HHN version of Germany's Movie Park: Halloween Horror Festival's haunted house called "Slaughterhouse" (T.B.A.) In the near future, a mysterious disease renders all animals used for meat such as cattle, poultry, etc. unsafe and no longer fit for human consumption, as well as most plants for vegetation. Despite numerous attempts to clone or find other sources of food, it does not work and humanity is close to near extinction. Riots and wars begin, tearing apart nations, to find any type of food that is edible to survive. It is then, decided by the United Nations (or a different organization) that cannibalism is now legal and is the only way to survive. Now this type of cannibalism isn't tearing each other apart with blood and guts, it is more akin to Hannibal. Who said that cannibalism couldn't be civilized and fancy? All around the world, the foods you love and know are still the same, just a different type of meat. But how are you going to feed the population? Easy, the U.S. government and other nations have sanctioned all meat companies to take any death row inmates, criminals, etc to be grinded up into meat. But the criminals are getting smarter and for the most part are able to evade being taken to the meat plants. The meat companies, desperate to keep business running have now snatched ordinary people off the streets to grind them into meat. The governments, who know mostly of what goes on cannot do much since they are desperate to survive as well as sanctioning all the meat companies to do whatever it takes to keep the world alive.
  11. I have plans for a sequel to Slaughter Sinema, would you all kindly give me any fictional grindhouse horror film ideas, either on this post or message me? The descriptions of your grindhouse horror film idea can be short or lengthy, but please provide a good amount of detail of what the film is about. And eventually, I can provide you all a taste of my concept for the sequel. This would mean a lot to me. Thank you!!!
  12. HHN sequel to Castle Vampyr and Vampyr Bloodbath, with elements of Howl O Scream's A Taste of Blood: After many bloody nights of success of luring unsuspecting victims into the Vampyr Nightclub of NYC, the vampire clan running the nightclub starts to gets sloppy in luring in humans and making sure they don't leave alive. Eventually this results in one of the victims escaping alive and reporting of what is actually happening to the club goers in the nightclub to the police. The police, already having suspicions in the first place about the nightclub owners has a solid reason to go in and raid the nightclub without a warrant. In a last minute warning, the vampires flee the nightclub to escape their arrest but leave their victims, both dead and alive behind as S.W.A.T. raids the nightclub to apprehend the criminals. The vampires barely escape, but things get worse for them. The top vampire clan has already got wind of the NYPD raiding the nightclub, along with news reports of what happened to the victims of the nightclub, having the police and the F.B.I. going on a manhunt for the suspects that got away. As an act of punishment and to keep the trail cold to find the top vampire clan, the top vampire clan exiles the vampire clan and instructs them to never return. A few years later, the exiled and disgraced vampires find their home in the city of Boston (or Philadelphia or Baltimore) within an abandoned subway line that closed down in 1991, and rerouted from the other subway lines. The vampires then seduce and lure their victims into the subway line inhabited by the vampires for a wild night of partying and kill them, as well as keeping them alive to drain their blood for a lifetime supply. This vampire clan is also creating a type of drug to take over the minds of humans to lure them specifically to the vampire hideout. The vampires that have little to no blood to drink are kept in cells for they have become feral creatures and would kill any human or vampire in sight.
  13. I'm very impressed with your ideas! Is there a chance you could provide further info on the backgrounds on the mazes and scarezones? As well as to provide any other ideas you have in mind? I would like to expand on these ideas by writing the scripts for them...
  14. UO and American version of Inside the Mind: A notorious serial killer feared and hated by the American people, and is called the "Starkweather, Chikatilo, and Dahmer" of the 21st Century rampaging throughout the United States slaughtering his victims in ways people's minds could not apprehend, is finally caught and arrested by law enforcement. With an overwhelming majority of the population demanding this criminal to be executed, and was about to be executed, is instead turned over to the federal government to be incarcerated in a federal penitentiary within the state of Illinois. While many people become furious at this decision, it is later forgotten and life goes on. The federal penitentiary that is housing the killer is sponsored and supported by a medical corporation giant that conducts shady and unorthodox experiments on people especially inmates. The killer tells his doctor that he is innocent and is controlled by a demon to commit the atrocious acts of violence and has tried to stop the demon but to no avail. The doctor, sympathetic, convinces the killer to take part of an experimental project which it's purpose is to eliminate any homicidal or suicidal tendencies within that subject and to eventually be released back into society as a docile person. As the experiment starts, the demon residing within the killer will reveal itself in the killers memories on how he used the killer as a puppet to do his evil bidding's.
  15. Sorry for the delay on ideas guys... here are some ideas I'd like to share with you all. Please feel free to contribute!. Sequel to Seeds of Extinction: As the Desert Valley Mall in Arizona became ground zero for the plant apocalypse that started to annihilate humanity in the 1980's, the U.S. government and her allies executed a type of Noah's Ark plan, intended for the brightest minds and strongest humans hand-picked to survive in space during cryo-sleep in the wake of a nuclear war. When the plant apocalypse consumed the Earth, these candidates were launched into space and were not to wake up until the year 2007. As 2007 begins the candidates awaken from their deep hibernation and prepare for the mission to return to their once fertile land to start anew. Or so they thought. When they land in the deserted city that teemed with life, they are confused as to why plants have taken over as they were not briefed on what really happened and was told it was a nuclear war that destroyed the world. With the help of newspapers and documents giving a description of what consumed humanity, it doesn't take long to realize that the earth they once knew is no longer their home. It is now home to the hostile plant life. Will the colonists survive? Or will humanity be truly extinct?The ultimate battle between man and nature begins in the concrete jungle that was once loved by all Americans and the people of the world: New York City.
  16. Another idea! Another sequence to Run. Feel free to add any ideas! RUN: (T.B.A.) In the near-future, there have been multiple kidnappings and homicides throughout the entire world, worrying people each and every day, as well as leaving investigations cold for law enforcement, especially INTERPOL. The reason? The dark web. The dark web... a string of websites where any sicko can find anything illegal he or she so desires, if they have the right payment. But what about kidnapping? And living out your sickest fantasies? The dark web has got it... and the game-show RUN connects to the dark web entirely. Bigger and deadlier than ever before! Let's say there's a person at work you totally despise, or it could be someone that was cleared of any wrong doing, but you know is guilty for their atrocious crimes, Or a wife or husband that has been highly unfaithful to you, or you just want to relieve some stress... go to the dark web, look for the RUN website. Provide the information about that person, name, age, height, etc. and when you provide the payment, the organization of RUN will kidnap that person requested from the client. You won't have to get your hands dirty. RUN will notify you that the person you wanted kidnapped is ready at the participating RUN game show participation of the year. You, the client fly out to that country where the RUN game show takes place, go to that remote location provided to you. Then, you get to dress up as anyone you want (to conceal your identity and to terrify the victim) as well as choosing your choice of weapons. If you want to inflict pain on your victim, they have special rooms for you, or if you love a challenge, they will have the victim run throughout the building the game show is hosted in and you, the client can go hunting. And if you feel lucky, your victim can be given a weapon to fight you off. This year's RUN will take place in a dilapidated Ex-Soviet Military Base, within the nation of Belarus. If you want to participate in hunting your victim, you've come to the right place. Or if you want to watch, RUN will be filmed 24/7 live from your computer. And the best part? You won't get caught by law enforcement. Both national and international. Guaranteed.
  17. This is an idea I have inspired by Busch Garden's Howl-O Scream, "Dead Line". Here is the plot! Once again, feel free to add in any ideas! Plot: During the years of the Cold War, specifically the 80's, the Soviets had finally perfected the ultimate biological weapon ever created. This was a biological weapon that killed and reanimated anyone into the living dead. The Soviets were highly impressed with this weapon that they decided to store into the underground subway known as the U-Bahn in Berlin, German Democratic Republic in case of an invasion by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which the Soviets would surely win a Third World War. The plan was to release this weapon into the subway system where it would flow out into Berlin, turning both soldier, civilian, friend or foe into the living dead as they would kill the remaining uninfected. Of course, when the German government got wind of the plan, they argued with the Soviets about it. The Soviets made a compromise with the GDR. Let us keep the weapons beneath the U-Bahn, in secret and in turn, if and when we win the Third World War, we will make you a world power again alongside us and give you any territory we liberate from the capitalists. The GDR agreed, not really having a choice. As the years went by, the Cold War had ended with no WWIII. But then the Russians had to get rid of the Bio Weapons and fast, lest the U.N. and Free World lose their trust in Russia! They were able to remove and destroy all weapon sites. Or so they thought. They had gotten all but one weapons site. Fast-forward to the present. A greedy and corrupt mayor of Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany decided to expand the U-Bahn lines throughout all of Berlin to impress the world and to gain tourism and a greater reputation. The construction workers had to work with little to no breaks, very little pay and dangerous conditions. It was then, that one of the construction workers, overly tired and stressed, screwed up excavating a tunnel and collapsed into the once-concealed Ex-Soviet Weapons site that held the deadly bio-weapon breaking it free from it's confines within the payload missile. The workers thought they had struck a gas line, and immediately put on their gas masks, but the workers who never got the chance to put theirs on turned into flesh-eating zombies and attacked the uninfected workers. The fog of the bio-weapon, along with the infected had expanded into the subway station and trains and started to attack on sight. The Police and the military tried to stop the madness but never survived. The entire U-Bahn system was quarantined by the German Armed Forces, not knowing what they were dealing with, as those who knew about the bio-weapon had passed away, taking their secrets to the grave.
  18. Here is one of my ideas, that I have thought up just recently. This is an original content house. Ladies and gentlemen, the sequel to Demon Cantina (T.B.A.) Feel free to add any ideas if you'd like! DEMON CANTINA (T.B.A.) Plot: Over the years, the demons of the Biker Bar have lured and seduced many bikers to indulge in a world of lust and sin, for then, the demons feasted on their flesh and drank their blood. And all was well for the atrocious demons. That is, until the world ended. The world did not end with a bang, at least not at first, but with a whimper. From one of the laboratories, guarded and funded by the U.S. Armed Forces, a deadly flu was released onto the unsuspecting population. Now this flu did not turn any citizen into the living dead. No.. this was a flu that made the Spanish Flu look puny. Many citizens dropped likes flies. The government tried to cover up the facts that this was their fault, but to no avail. The government firebombed thousands, if not millions of cities to cleanse the flu by air strikes as well as executing the infected. But to no avail. They tried blaming it on other nations so that the population had someone to despise, but this had only turn into a Third World War. As the flu ravaged countless nations, both small and big, both poor and rich, it was truly hell on earth. The demons struggled to survive, knowing they could not feast on those infected with the flu lest they die a violent and agonizing death. It was hard for them to find fresh blood, and some demons had turned on each other. But things were about to get worse. One day, the U.S. Air Force had firebombed the town and rural area where the Demon Cantina stood. Many demons perished in the hellfire, while the surviving demons retreated underground. Eventually, They came across an major, and not bombed out, abandoned Casino/ Hotel in what was once known as Las Vegas. This city had been abandoned for many years. And it was the perfect place for them to dwell. As the demons dwelled within the hotel, the flu had died out, but that was nothing compared to the chaos that was going to occur for humanity. Humans, both soldier and civilian from within the nation and around the world had seeked refuge inside this hotel to escape the wars. And it was the perfect trap for the demons prey. A false sanctuary. All was good for the demons, until a hostile faction came by. This faction, was a werewolf biker gang. This biker gang had torn apart settlements, both neutral and hostile, as well as remnants of the government. They had the best military technology stolen from armies, as well being disciplined and merciless. They truly owned the night. The werewolf biker gang wanted the Demon's last dwelling. And the demons would not go down without a fight.
  19. Hello fellow forum members! This is Grim Reaperz speaking... As you may know from my introduction, I am a huge fan of writing, escpecially for the storylines and settings for HHN. Now, I have read story ideas for houses on the forums and I am truly impressed of what they think up. As those ideas are amazing, I would like to expand on those ideas and turn them into mazes one day. I know there is already a forum for creative ideas, but I would like to make a request. If it is no trouble, is there anyway you all can send me your ideas by PM or something similar? If so, I would be truly honored to take your ideas and expand on them. I'll take any idea, and I promise to expand on them. Also, I will be presenting my ideas very soon, and hopefully you all will enjoy them. Thank you all for taking the time to read this. Sincerely, Grim Reaperz
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