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  1. Anybody done scareactor dining this year? Is it worth it in terms of the characters you can see?
  2. HYPE LIST!! 1. 1000 Corpses 2. Classic Monsters 3. Klownz 4. Depths of Fear 5. Stranger Things 6. Us 7. Ghostbusters 8. Graveyard 9. Nightingales 10. Yeti
  3. You missed the Invisible Man
  4. If we get UCM you could add Dr Frankenstein as well. Or Dr Acula
  5. It's a series that was made well before my time, and I actually only watched the first one last year. Now watched 2-4 as well, with 5 on my 'to watch' list. I think it holds up really well, alongside your F13th, Nightmare and Halloween movies. I would argue that anyone who loves those classics of horror should really check out this overlooked series. I think after Hellraiser this would be my dream house that hasn't been done yet.
  6. Anyone a fan of the Phantasm movies? I think they could make for a great house. You have the little goblin creatures for your jump scares, you could have the Tall Man showing up a few times shouting BOY at you, maybe a room of the silver spheres buzzing above your head. I think there is potential for a cool house with some unique ideas, but not sure if the IP has enough fans nowadays to make it worth pursuing.
  7. Something to do with twins/siblings? Pink and blue = a girl and a boy. Can't think of anything that matches with that idea though.
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