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  1. Lucky! I still haven’t heard back and I’m starting to get nervous/discouraged Super happy for you and your boyfriend though! Hope you love your roles!
  2. Auditioned yesterday and I got the golden ticket!! Waiting on that email I guess... Does anyone know how long the email process can take? Because I need to figure out if I need to move to California or not, lol! And break a leg to anyone who still has their audition!!!
  3. Great advice, thank you! Good luck to you too, even with your complicated schedule. I wonder what audition type they'll have this year. I don't know much about the possibilities other than the "scare the chair/cone". It'll be an interesting experience for sure. I didn't, but I wish I did! It was such an awesome year. And thank you, it was one by far my favorite of the house
  4. I applied to audition in Orlando and got the reject so I'm trying Hollywood! Set up an appointment for thursday............ I have no idea what to expect. I've heard that Hollywood expects a lot more from Auditionees than Orlando so I'm very nervous.... Any tips or info audition veterans can offer me would be VERY appreciated!
  5. I'd say its either an accident with bad phrasing, or they're talking specifically about the live entertainment number being yet to be revealed.
  6. A bit off topic, but I was just listening to The Catacombs of Halloween Horror Nights podcast on HHN 5 and they started talking about Transit to Torment and I thought from the way they were describing it it sounded like it shared a good chunk of similarities to the lore behind Us??? (Sans the Doppleganger element, which is admittedly a huge chunk of the Us lore..... but I just thought it was interesting, especially since Us has been a hot topic recently!)
  7. all the way in june? i guess setting your expectations all the way until june is one way to keep from being disappointed every week lol
  8. That’s good to hear :O I was definitely hoping for the 12 house rumor to be true, so I’m glad 10 house 5 scarezones isnt 100% set in stone
  9. https://twitter.com/hhnrumors/status/1092821942019780608?s=21 not sure where they got this info and I’m not sure how reliable they are but....10 houses 5 scarezones anyone?
  10. Cotton - Kirsty Cotton.... Hellraiser house confirmed! Lol
  11. Fair enough to everyones' responses! Guess I let wishful thinking get the best of me Just wondering for someone who is relatively new to the HHN world, when do announcements for Orlando start popping up? Late march? April?
  12. I mean, we don’t know it’s FOR SURE not a clue, and I was mostly having fun speculating and with so little to go on and such a long time until the event I’ll take whatever I can get, but I guess I’ll take your word for it. /shrug
  13. Psychoscareapy was actually what jumped into my mind as well, if that was in fact a hint and not just wishful thinking. I, however, also don’t know too much about Psychoscarepy. Anyone with more knowledge on it have any insight on a possible return? Or maybe another potential house idea Aiello was (hopefully) hinting about?
  14. Newbie here, but Aiello just tweeted about the house progress out of the blue... Nothing sticks out as being hints for potential houses/scarezones, but its still really cool to see how far along things are! (Using "starting treatment" in reference to house 7 could be a hint, or maybe I'm just reading into things too much, haha) https://twitter.com/Michael_Aiello/status/1085699039033782272
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